World Cup round-up

If Ireland are to still be in the World Cup after tomorrow’s game against Argentina they must win by 8 points and score at least 4 tries against a Puma side that has yet to concede a single try in this campaign. Meanwhile England will face the favoured Australians in their quarter-final game after holding their nerve to go past Tonga 36-20. Wales, though, are gone. They trailed Fiji 25-10 at half-time and, despite a thrilling second-half come-back, the Fijian’s deservedly held on to win 38-34 in a great overall game. And, currently lying second in their table, tonight Scotland take on Italy kick-off at 8.00pm. Live commentary here Half-time Scotland 12 – 10 Italy. But Italy have the only try so far. Full-time Scotland 18 – 16 Italy. Scotland go through by surviving on penalties.


  • Dewi

    “Great overall game” Pete – shove it will you ! unbelievable that we lost today – pathetic.

  • Michael Robinson

    Fiji v Wales was an amazing game – easily the best in the competition so far.

    There is an Ulster interest in the Italy v Scotland game going on at the moment as Rob Dewey of Scotland and Carlo Del Fava of Italy will both be playing for Ulster after the rugby world cup is over.

    So there will be one Ulster representative in the quarter finals anyway…

  • Pete Baker


    If they’d played in the first half like they did the second, Wales would have deserved to win.. but they didn’t.

    But it was a great game.

  • agh

    is del favo playin? he was injured prior to RWC and I thought we being left at home?
    good 1st half!!

  • Dewi

    Total national humiliation……

  • ulsterfan

    At least when Ireland are knocked out tomorrow we can join the Welsh in a bout of national mourning.
    It is as serious as that.
    Lets get the PM out of the way and start again.
    England has shown us they way after a poor run of results.
    I can see them beating Australia and getting to the semis.

  • merrie

    >>I can see them beating Australia and getting to the semis

    Quite likely too. The Poms invented the game after all.

  • agh

    hmm – england are still pretty rubbish – the oz pack should match them up front and the ozzy backline is pretty potent – mortlock is a machine and latham is the best 15 in the world – could be close – but I think oz will win by 5-10 points.

  • It was Sammy Mc Nally what done it


    There are many things for the diminutive taffs to be proud of – they beat the Padz hands down when it comes to language and singing. But one thing you aint good at – and havent been for 30 years is Rugby. Good supporters, great stadium, even lead the world in gay referees – but you dont produce good enough rugby players. To not be able to beat a team with no scrum shows the players dont have it mentally or physically. But they have played better than Ireland and Scotland who were also dreadful tonight. Blaming Greth Jenkins is nonsense the rugby curve has been downward for decades. Get your own sport like we do in Ireland with GAA and which you can retreat into when things go wrongs.

  • Dewi

    Sammy – it was like they were playing for fun mun. Ridiculous strategy against Fiji – still can’t believe we didn’t keep it tight and just kick our kicks – livid – sack everyone and start again…again.

  • agh

    ‘But one thing you aint good at – and havent been for 30 years is Rugby. ‘

    Sammy mate, where do you get this dribble from? I think you’ll find wales won the championship, triple crown and grand slam in 2005. They played some absolutely magnificant rugby – looked as though they had 15 wingers on the park!! In addition, in the last RWC, Wales put in a tremendous perfromance against the all blacks in the group stage, qualified for the QF, and pushed the ultimate winners England, very very hard.

    On a day when Ireland are likely to get dumped out in the group stages, I’m not sure we should be sticking the knife into our welsh cousins!!

  • Dewi

    Sill seething……oh well good luck tonight !

  • Magnus Carta

    maybe not the knife, but we can still legally shoot ’em with a longbow

  • bollix

    wales fiji was a great game. i started off cheering for wales, but i thought in the end that fiji deserved it.
    felt really sorry for gareth thomas, but someone has to lose. and good for the international game for a south sea island side to qualify for the quarter finals.

    i really thought martyn williams had saved wales with his last minute interception, but you just couldn’t keep fiji down.

    my head says ireland will join wales in failing to qualify. but my heart still says “Come on Ireland – lets get these argie scum bags for what they did in the malvinas island”. Lets hope we can gain succor from maggie’s fighting spirit.

  • Dewi

    Garteh Jenkins available if u have to sack EOS tomorrow…….

  • ulsterfan

    We don’t want your cast offs.
    Has he resigned?
    Can’t watch France destroy Georgia running up a huge score.
    It makes Ireland’s performance against Namibia and Georgia so feeble.
    We will be put of our misery in 2 hrs time and on way home.

  • Dewi


    So sad seeing O’Gara so out of form.

  • ulsterfan

    Sympathy does not come into it.
    He is a professional sportsman and if he under performs he has to accept the consequences.
    We are the paying public.

  • It was Sammy Mc Nally what done it


    Wales track record in 6 nations is poor -exception 2005 in which they played really well. They are the only team of the original 5 nations teams to be knocked out 3 times before quarter funals and that was against Ireland, Western Samoa and Fiji – hardly world beaters themselves. The put themselves under pressure by expecting too much.