What about the Revenue Bertie?

Sarah Carey is now settling in to Palo Alto but before she left, she fired this salvo at the Taoiseach…

Whatever about the Tribunal , the Rev are going to have some fun. The October 31 deadline is coming up for tax returns and I just filed mine. Every single €50 I get for minor radio interviews has to be accounted for. And he’s pissed off cos we’d like to know where he got the £50k in CASH from? My parents were audited in the early nineties, around about the time Bertie was dropping Celia off to the bank with a briefcase full of cash. The taxman went through my mother’s account at the local shop and claimed she couldn’t possibly be feeding her family on the low budget shown in the accounts. She had to explain how she fed us! And Bertie thinks we are supposed to accept he saved 50k in cash?

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