“a substantial additional sum of money..”

With few details in the public domain it’s difficult to tell how much, if any, realism was insisted upon. But the classroom assistants’ unions are to go back to their members with a new offer after reporting “substantive progress” in talks today. The employers [the Education and Library Boards? – Ed], seem to be suggesting it consists of a one-off additional payment.

Employers spokesman Robin Harper said they were offering “a substantial additional sum of money”. “Each classroom assistant would receive a one-off payment separate from arrears due under the job evaluation scheme.”

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  • patrique

    A victory for the oppressed? And all it took was one day on strike.

    Eamon Coy of GMB is obviously an employer’s agent, a mole in the union. “My members can’t afford to go on strike” he says. That’s why they are low paid, the bosses are counting on that, and a union leader reinforcing it does not help. He is worse than a scab.