Northern Ireland excluded from ‘national’ Monopoly board..!

THE new UK-wide version of Monopoly – with locations voted for by the public – is now out. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Northern Ireland is NOT represented – unless you count the obvious tokenism of including ‘Belfast Airport’ (it’s not even clear if this refers to Belfast International or the George Best City Airport). Rumours that the NIO sponsored the ‘Get out of jail free’ cards remain unconfirmed. Meanwhile, the Daily Mail reports that: “The people of Northern Ireland opted to be represented on a separate All-Ireland board.” So was this the first time the people of Norn Irn expressly asked to be included in a united Ireland setting? Or was Hasbro just trying to make us feel better about not being able to get onto the UK board? And how many hours will it take a Unionist politician to issue a strongly-worded statement?