Northern Ireland excluded from ‘national’ Monopoly board..!

THE new UK-wide version of Monopoly – with locations voted for by the public – is now out. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Northern Ireland is NOT represented – unless you count the obvious tokenism of including ‘Belfast Airport’ (it’s not even clear if this refers to Belfast International or the George Best City Airport). Rumours that the NIO sponsored the ‘Get out of jail free’ cards remain unconfirmed. Meanwhile, the Daily Mail reports that: “The people of Northern Ireland opted to be represented on a separate All-Ireland board.” So was this the first time the people of Norn Irn expressly asked to be included in a united Ireland setting? Or was Hasbro just trying to make us feel better about not being able to get onto the UK board? And how many hours will it take a Unionist politician to issue a strongly-worded statement?

  • BogExile

    They could compensate by relacing the top hat with a bowler 🙂

  • This news day, Gonzo?

    Sounds like the war is over to me.

  • Mick Fealty

    When we blogged this I know several readers complained that they could not register their votes. I know I couldn’t!! I even wrote to Hasbro and they didn’t deign to reply.

    Campaign anyone?

  • Belfast Gonzo

    It’s Northern Ireland, so shouldn’t it be a boycott?! (Much easier since there’ll be no interest here in the game now anyway!)

  • Dec

    Scotland got one place, as did Wales and as did Northern Ireland. What on earth are you complaining about?

  • Belfast Gonzo

    ‘Belfast Airport’ is presumably a utility or replaces a rail station on the old board. It does not represent a ‘place’, nor does such a place even exist! Scotland and Wales got cities.

  • Dec


    Given the population distribution across the UK, I’d say Scotland has the most right to be upset by this. Almost 10% of the population and they get Dundee. I think the Alliance party (and those others who labour under the impression that, when all’s said and done, the UK/GB is anything other than Greater England) should be more than happy with Belfast Airport.


    leaving the quibbles about utilities/stations aside, the thread title is clearly bollocks.

  • Belfast Gonzo


    What on earth has Alliance got to do with this?

    Leaving aside the pointlessness of mentioning the party, the above post is clearly bollocks.

  • Suilven

    The whole thing’s been a farce from the beginning – as are most things decided by online poll. I mean the glorified poly of Keele got a space on it, having spent a year there I can say frankly it would be a more deserving recipient of a tactical nuke – or maybe upping the yield and obliterating the entire Potteries would be fairer.

    And St Albans instead of Mayfair? WTF?

  • Dec

    Well argued Gonzo. Over-tired are we?

  • All Ireland

    Give him a break Dec, he’ll cheer up next week when the new national version of monopoly is released:

  • Belfast Gonzo


    No, I’m fine thanks. Care to post anything worth actually reading?

  • willowfield

    If Belfast Airport is on the board, then clearly Northern Ireland is represented!

    “Belfast Airport” used to be the official name of what is now Belfast International Airport, so we can assume that is the airport on the Monopoly board.

  • merrie


    See, the rest of the world perceives NI as a part of Ireland.

  • Pounder

    Gonzo makes a very good point, I’m sick and tired of ignorant twats in this place taking swipes at the Alliance in threads that have nothing to do with them. Seems to me that certain people who comment here are pissed off that the Alliance Party was right and our way is the way that works and the way other parties are trying to claim as their own, so they need to take petty swipes to make themselves feel better in their ignorant backward lives.

    Why couldn’t Belfast or another Northern Ireland City be on both boards. Did Hasbro even do their research with this Belfast Airport shite? Did they willfuly ignore the calls from Northern Irish people who wanted represented on the UK board?

  • willowfield


    NI is a part of Ireland (although not part of the Republic of Ireland)!

    Unfortunately, though, the Southern government doesn’t think so, as it refers to its territory as “Ireland”.

  • The places were all title=”Put Belfast on the Board”>voted for by the public so the only people to blame for not getting Belfast (or somewhere else) on there are the people who live there and didn’t vote.

    So, merrie, it’s got F all to do with what the “rest of the world” think.

    Mick, I also had problems voting. It was clearly a fix!

  • Jesus, sorry about that link.

  • StarHound

    “Seems to me that certain people who comment here are pissed off that the Alliance Party was right and our way is the way that works and the way other parties are trying to claim as their own, so they need to take petty swipes to make themselves feel better in their ignorant backward lives.”

    And some people dont like Alliance becasuse they come across as pompous, superior and self righteous. Can’t imagine why…..

  • Pounder

    If I was really pompous, superior and self righteous I’d have corrected your spelling of because StarHound.

  • PeaceandJustice

    The title of this thread is incorrect:
    Belfast Gonzo – “Northern Ireland excluded from ‘national’ Monopoly board..!”

    It wasn’t excluded as Belfast Airport is listed. As regards the online voting, it was always going to be difficult for Northern Ireland to compete with other parts of the UK. And online voting isn’t a great way to decide things.

  • Jo O’Neill

    It was all decided by votes (not very reliable on the web) and there were huge campaigns being run, especially by some little towns. But good luck to them for sneaking their wee places in. I like the idea; there will probably be a new version next year.

  • GavBelfast

    So, it HAS been INCLUDED and NOT EXCLUDED at all.

    Glad that’s clear then.


  • willowfield

    Why is this story being “spun” dishonestly. It was on BBC NI too – claiming NI was excluded, but then saying that Belfast Airport was on it.

    Talk about desperately looking for a story that isn’t there.

  • Mick Fealty


    This was the last I heard:

    As for the all island version, they asked questions by county:

    If it’s any way related to the poll as it stood then we should see Armagh and Fermanagh. Antrim were last last time I looked. With Tyrone, Down and Co Derry all struggling.

    Donegal should be in, if my memory serves.

  • sammaguire

    I think unionists should be a little bit more concerned about Gordon Brown referring to his country as “this little island” in his recent speech than what’s on the latest UK edition of Monopoly. Then again most unionists on this website seem to regard NI as their country (OWC) rather than the UK so it works both ways.

  • abucs

    How dare Belfast be included !!! :o)

    How many votes for Belleek ?

  • Belfast Gonzo

    Brief points:

    You couldn’t vote for an airport – they were already on the board. So ‘Belfast Airport’ wasn’t chosen by people, just Hasbro. Hence the headline. You may disagree, you may even have reasons, but that is why.

    Since the vote was always going to be heavily biased towards English locations, you wonder why they even bothered with this edition.

    There is no such thing as ‘Belfast Airport’.

  • willowfield

    You couldn’t vote for an airport – they were already on the board. So ‘Belfast Airport’ wasn’t chosen by people, just Hasbro. Hence the headline.

    Er, the headline is “Northern Ireland excluded from ‘national’ Monopoly board..!” … but it’s not excluded since ‘Belfast Airport’ is included! Whether the airport was included as a result of a vote or by the decision of Hasbro is irrelevant.

  • astic

    Northern Ireland is excluded as no place in Donegal is included!

  • Diluted Orange

    I hear Northern Ireland is actually at the forefront of the new game. To add a little bit of authenicity in the new game the old monopoly notes have been replaced by approximately 26 million old Northern Bank ones …

  • They should have chosen “Derry” or “Londonderry”, just to provoke a fight.

  • Diluted Orange

    [i]”They should have chosen “Derry” or “Londonderry”, just to provoke a fight.”[/i]

    Must pass go if you’re a Prod.

  • Dessertspoon

    Why are they always bringing out “new versions” of Monopoly. The original is just fine. North Down was never going to replace Mayfair nor the Ardoyne Old Kent Road. It was down to a vote and as someone else said it was bound to have a heavy English bias (there’s more of them). Frankly we should consider it fortunate they even gave us an airport.

  • willowfield

    Actually, Dessertspoon, the original Monopoly was based on Philadelphia.

    But I agree – the classic London edition is just fine. No need for these ridiculous new versions.

  • I wonder how many of our republican commentators here played the London version and prefered it. For me Star Wars Monopoly FTW!