Today’s pop quiz…

LET’S see who has a good memory. Without googling guess, before the appointment of two junior Stormont ministers, who said the following?: “Let me send a warning to the First Minister and the Deputy First Minister and to the parties. They will probably proceed with these appointments. They will pick party hacks and party faithful… May I suggest that if they are interested in salvaging what little credibility they have, they should not appoint these junior Ministers. If they are to appoint junior Ministers, let them be careful about whom they do appoint… What is the real purpose of these appointments? Is it accountability, transparency, openness and real democracy? The reason for appointing the two junior Ministers – Ministers literally without portfolio who can stick their noses into any business the First Minister and the Deputy First Minister decide – is to prevent proper Assembly scrutiny of the Office of the First Minister and the Deputy First Minister. Their actions will cover over what the First Minister and the Deputy First Minister are doing…” More clues and the answer below the fold.The other clues:

“They are party to a decision that is about jobs for the boys, and people who are not part and parcel of their party, people who are not yes-men, need not apply…

We have seen exploitation of the party political role…

Posts have been given to party hacks or party friends and to people who are not fit for them…

None of the posts the First Minister and the Deputy First Minister are asking us to vote for have been equality-tested. We hear about equality and fair representation, but these posts have been tested to see who is fit to follow every whim of the First Minister and the Deputy First Minister. Those who match up to that standard will be appointed…

…we are to have two junior Ministers. That is an increase in bureaucracy, not an increase in democracy, and that is sad…

Who is to pay for these junior Ministers? The answer is that the money will come from the public purse…”


  • interested

    Why are you re-hashing stories which ran weeks ago. All the past quotes on Junior Ministers had a good run out a while back.

    Were you off that day?

  • James

    Ahh but ‘interested’, it’s important to remind ourselves of the hypocrisy of those we are now paying for, all the more so given the picture we are now getting of Paisley jnr’s economy with the truth.

    Wouldn’t you agree that’s interesting?

  • I believe your nearest branch of Staples (office suppliers) may be in Glasgow. However …

    Staples sell a button. It is large and red. When you depress it, a voice says “That was easy”. It is thoroughly annoying. In the US it is sold to benefit the Boy Scouts.

    I have just thumped mine, firmly.

  • Junior


    Never, never, never.