Podcasting the BBC 2

Last month I asked why the BBC aren’t podcasting more Northern Ireland news and current affairs. Last Friday saw the second NI News Briefing podcast. Which is a good start.

  • FrankyT

    Speaking of podcasts, what happened to Slugger Radio which I can vaguely remember. Used to get the podcasts off itunes.

    Good for a laugh considering the deafening screeching sound and on the itunes podcasts everyone involved clearly didnt know the tape was still rolling.

  • overhere

    Never mind podcasting what really pi**es me off is that as a Virgin cable user here in London I can get BBC 1 NI, great for the news but little else I am afraid. So far so good can I get BBC2 NI can I heck and where does BBC NI in its infinate wisdom put all the Gaelic football etc you got it BBC2 NI IDIOTS !”!

  • interested

    I know this is completely unrelated and I apologise, but what exactly does this article say about the knowledge of the author???


    This guy used to represent that area and he doesn’t even know how many years ago the Omagh bomb took place.

    You can’t even pass it off as a typo – its a simple issue of facts.

  • marksi

    To “overhere”… The majority of BBC NI programming is on BBC ONE NI which makes your statement that it’s “great for the news but little else I’m afraid” incorrect.

    The problem you’re having is that Virgin Media only supplies BBC ONE NI, and not BBC TWO NI. This is not the fault of the BBC so why you’re accusing them of being “idiots” is rather beyond me.

  • overhere


    Keep your hair on. Do you happen to work for the BBC please read the relevant section taken from my original post

    “where does BBC NI in its infinate wisdom put all the Gaelic football etc you got it BBC2 NI IDIOTS”

    What I am complaining about is BBC NI in its infinate wisdom showing a sport a large section of the population follow being relegated to BBC2 NI

    Does this answer your “beyound me” situation ?

  • Michael Shilliday

    Interested, the date on the piece is wrong, that piece was published in the week of the 8th anniversary

  • marksi

    I’ve re-read your original post, overhere.

    It is written as though you’re complaining that you personally can’t see GAA coverage.

    Recently the Ulster final was shown on BBC ONE NI.

    Do you complain when RTÉ “relegates” it’s GAA coverage on RTÉ TWO rather than ONE?

    Apart from Virgin Media customers in England, Scotland and Wales, both channels are available to all viewers. Your description of it as “relegated” sounds more like a political point than a broadcasting one.