France regain composure.. ahead of Ireland match.

Worryingly there’s still 10 minutes to go in the France/Namibia game.. and the score is 82-3 in favour of the host nation. Just to remind everyone [as if you need to – Ed], Ireland managed to beat Namibia by 32-17.. although it’s worth pointing out that the Namibians have had a man sent off against France – in the 19 minute of the first half. But it’s still a boost for France.. just before they seek to put their campaign back on track against a very skittish Ireland. Ahh.. I should have added a link to the interesting conversation about the Ireland/Georgia game that took place in the comments zone of the Guardian’s Andy Bull’s overly optimistic pre-game post – “They were quite quite brilliant. Ireland weren’t even so bad, just off the boil, and a little wasteful with their possession – not that they had much. Playing like they did tonight, Georgia would have given any team in Europe a good game.” Full-Time: France 87-10 Namibia


  • It was Sammy Mc Nally what done it

    Only good thing about games against Namibia and Georgia is that I have got my disappointment in early. We go into French match without any serious expectation of victory as we appear to have thrown our chances away already… and so therefore just slimmest glimmer

  • dewi

    Negative Sammy – u got a wonderful set of players who could do it methinks…..

  • right on dewi France have had their big win, well played blues; but now its time for an appointment with madame guillotine on the 21st.
    Sorry but its “No Prisoners” in Paris. Ireland will prevail.

  • It was Sammy Mc Nally what done it


    you might be right – in theory we should have siginificantly more chance of winning than Georgia did against Ireland. If building up confidence and good match preparation are important then we are done for – as against that weight of expecatation it totally with France – but perhaps all of that is just psychological mumbo jumbo and the team has simply lost it ding durem as the old song goes.

  • Katinka

    Why can’t Ireland play in emerald green shirts instead of these dark green jobs. The colours of Ireland for centuries have been emerald green and white, and the use of these colours is a tradition that ought not to be mucked about like it is at the moment.

    We seem to have lost our way in more ways than one!

  • Bill

    Another bad Irish display at the rugby World Cup.

  • Dessertspoon

    The Irish are playing this badly on purpose, just getting narrow wins to make sure they keep the points tally going and lying in wait for France who they will thrash to within an inch of their garlic munching lives….no I don’t think so either. Sadly I think France and Argentina are more likely to get out of this group and the Ireland team might be well advised to book their flights home (the earlier you do it the cheaper the flight!!).
    Very disappointing all round from Ireland perhaps Eddies new contract should be reconsidered and there is no way he should even have been considered for the Lions job anyway.

  • Gréagóir O’ Frainclín

    Great try scord by Sebastian Chabal last night….Kinda Jonah Lomu stuff. Ireland will be up against it this Friday, I reckon they will have got their act together by then.

  • No Dozer

    I think it’s time that rugby fans from the four home nations stopped deluding themselves. It pretty obvious, even to a blind man, that England are not up it anymore- Scotland are rubbish – Wales showed a bit of spirit against the Aussies but were out played from start to finish- and Ireland are really terrible. Maybe it’s time to consider fielding a combined British and Irish team if we are to give ourselves a chance of winning the World cup and beating the might of the southern hemisphere teams.

  • Donnacha

    Greagoir: Chabal is an imposter. Give him a hurry-up early in the match and he turns into the invisible man, so if I was playing for Ireland I’d target him with some ferocious tackles first up and then effectively play against a 14-man French team.