France regain composure.. ahead of Ireland match.

Worryingly there’s still 10 minutes to go in the France/Namibia game.. and the score is 82-3 in favour of the host nation. Just to remind everyone [as if you need to – Ed], Ireland managed to beat Namibia by 32-17.. although it’s worth pointing out that the Namibians have had a man sent off against France – in the 19 minute of the first half. But it’s still a boost for France.. just before they seek to put their campaign back on track against a very skittish Ireland. Ahh.. I should have added a link to the interesting conversation about the Ireland/Georgia game that took place in the comments zone of the Guardian’s Andy Bull’s overly optimistic pre-game post – “They were quite quite brilliant. Ireland weren’t even so bad, just off the boil, and a little wasteful with their possession – not that they had much. Playing like they did tonight, Georgia would have given any team in Europe a good game.” Full-Time: France 87-10 Namibia