Ballymurphy attacks continue – redux

The 4 men charged with the murder of Gerard Devlin appeared in the Belfast Crown Court on Friday, and denied all charges. Mr Justice Hart is to review the case on 12 October and three of the four were released on continuing bail, the fourth has not sought bail and was remanded in custody. Meanwhile the attacks in Ballymurphy connected to the case seem to be continuing, despite the apparent recent rapprochement, with the home of Gerard Devlin’s parents attacked last night and its reinforced front windows broken.


  • willowfield

    What does redux mean?

  • Dewi

    Brought back, returned, used postpositively ! (Hope that helps !)

  • The Serpent

    Source discovered !!!!

    Brought back, returned, used postpositively ! (Hope that helps !)

    Posted by Dewi on Sep 10, 2007 @ 08:08 PM

    Dewi……Easy to get an online definition and plagiarise but the use of the so called word postpositively is scandalous !!!

    Hiss !!!!!!!

  • joeCanuck

    Naughty Serpent.
    If you use a “free” dictionary, you are free to use it.
    Dewi did a bit of research to help.

  • Dewi

    Serpent -did you really think I knew what it meant without help !!! (And I still don’t…..)

  • MacRaois

    How long will Sinn Féin leadership succeed in avoiding to be convicted and jailed for all murders,manslaughters,arsons against dissident republicans and their houses?Everybody in West Belfast know SF members have shot dead Joseph O’Connor,Gerard Devlin-R.I.P.,everybody know they have savagely beaten Devlin’s friend.

  • The Serpent


    Have pondered on the definition and neither do I !!!!

    Joecanuck…. Am all for those that do a wee bit of research but it was a straight lift from the first thing he googled and he has admitted he nor I for that matter has a clue what that word means!!!

    And its impolite to grr !!!

    Am on the side of the more lighthearted element on here !!!!

  • Dewi

    There was an Updike book…..but I never understood him either (worse than Wittingstein !!!)

  • joeCanuck


    I only went Grr in response to your Hiss.
    I thought it was lighthearted, but, there you go.
    Regards, Joe

  • The serpent


    your grr taken as lighthearted!!!!

    My Hiss can’t be helped !!!!!

    Your comments on here are generally thoughtful and considered!!! ( By way of apology !! )

    Double Hiss !!!

  • joeCanuck

    Thank you, The Serpent, for those kind words.