Poacher AND gamekeeper…

THE Tele followed up on Private Eye’s highlighting of the curious double role of Mike Cairns the other day. On one hand, as Commanding Officer of the RAF’s 7764 (public relations) squadron, he’s responsible for producing military propaganda. And on the other, as Editor Newsgathering for local issues in BBC Northern Ireland, he’s responsible for questioning, um, military propaganda. The Beeb doesn’t believe there is a conflict of interest.

  • Dawkins

    Tsk, tsk, Gonzo, how very unPC of you. We don’t call it “propaganda” any more. It’s “communications”.

    Who d’you think that nice fresh-faced chap is, Joseph Goebbels? :0)

  • wing commander hugh mctavish

    How do the wing commander’s feet reach the pedals on his bird though?

  • travis_hilton

    How do the wing commander’s feet reach the pedals on his bird though?

    Ha ha ha! I hope you’re not talking small man syndrome, you naughty wing commander!!

  • Actually, BG, I’m much more interested, as you well know, in game-keepers turning poachers, as the life of Captain Simon Hayward aka Captain James Rennie, Ops Officer of the 14 ÃŒntelligence Company’s South Detachment(June 1985-March 1987),well demonstrated when he apparently assassinated Sweden’s statsminister Olof Palme while on leave from Northern Ireland to reassess the performance of his bodyguards in late February 1986.

    And for those interested, consult Private Eye’s efforts to cover up the scum bag’s killings, once Hayward had been arrested for a drug-smuggling set-up on March 13, 1987, another Black Friday, here in Sweden.

    Are you, BG, ever going to get up to speed about what has happened in Ulster and beyond during the last generation???

  • Dread Cthulhu

    Of course the BBC doesn’t think there is a conflict of interest… this is a lot that requires an in-depth study to inform them they have a institution bias to the left, but still wants the public license to continue their propaganda. Its the same reason sharks and venomous snakes generally don’t bite lawyers — professional courtesies.

    As for Trowbridge, mayhap he’s got a goat or three to harass as they cross his trowbridge.

  • k

    The filth tell lies to the natives. Those who want to believe in the goodness of the empire swallow it.
    What’s new???????????

  • Since I have no goats to drive anywhere, even over my own bridge, and I cannot find anything in the archives about the re-investigation of the 1982 Shoot-to-Kill murders in Northern Ireland by the Police Ombudsman – what the British government ordered after the EU Parliament demanded it – I am using this thread to post the latest on the inquiry:


    With most probing senior coroner John Leckey – assisted by the honest cop, John Stalker, who investigated the killings in the first place – planning to hold hearings next month about them, this is apparently the best chance we will ever have of getting to the bottom of these unnecessary assassinations in which the British Army colluded with the RUC to take vengeance upon anyone connected in any way to the Provos for the nail bomb killings in London the previous July – what was the root cause of all kinds of subsequent horrors: the assassination of statsminister here Olof Palme, the Enniskillen bombing, the Loughgall cull, the capture of the Eksund with ‘Steakknife’s help in return for Hayward’s imprisonment here on a false charge of drug-trafficking, the shooting of Francisco Notarantonio, the cull on The Rock which was so reminiscent of the Shoot-to-Kill ones, etc., ad nauseam.

    I shall be most interested to see if Leckey and Stalker make the connection between Captain Simon Hayward, the Guards officer rushed to the province for the four-month emergency in South Armagh, and the RUC’s HMSUs, as it would than follow that it was he who hastily ordered the hayshed shooting – what a second tape MI5 has of the incident but has refused to hand over to investigators – and then the fat would really be in the fire.

    This could well be the biggest inquiry of them all.

  • Turgon

    So Trowbridge at it again,
    I have previously been accused of attacking you personally rather than your “facts”. It is of course difficult to disentangle since no one other than you presents these “facts” but let us have a go.

    Your claims are that in retaliation for nail bombings in London the British government sent one man a certain Captain Hayward to organise the RUCs HMSU to kill a number of IRA men. Is it not possible that the HMSU were well capable of capturing / killing IRA men without your James Bond figure?

    I did a search on Captain Hayward and the only significant stuff is from conspiracy theorists (actually I suspect it is all from you). He seems to have a book but why should we believe anything in it, though obviously you do.

    Moving on to the mid 1980s
    Your friend Hayward (is he in or out of prison at this time?) was involved in the following was he:-

    Olaf Palme’s assisination, (28/2/1986) previously explained by yourself as something to do with ending the cold war. Again only you seem to make the link between Captain Hayward and this murder.

    The deaths of the IRA men at Loughgall (8/5/1987). Again I would have thought the SAS and RUC were able to stop these people themselves without Mr Bond/Hayward’s help.

    The capture of the Eksund by the French police (1/11/1987). I trust Mr Hayward speaks good French.

    The deaths of the IRA persons at Gibraltar (7/3/1988). Again the SAS seem to have been able to manage that themselves.

    In the middle of all this Captain Hayward was imprisoned in November 1987 in Sweden.

    All this stretches credulity beyond belief. Even if all these events were by some chance causally related they are not going to be linked by one man. I cannot imagine that the British government had only one significant army undercover lynch pin for the whole thing. It would be putting all your eggs in one basket, what if he got the flu one day? (oh sorry we cannot stop the provos today Simon has a temperature, muscle aches and a very bad cough).

    Then in all the nonsense there is Enniskillen.

    Let me tell you Trowbridge the IRA did not need a reason or some sort of provocation or agent provactor to murder those people. Their reason was a sectarian hatred of Ulster Protestants and what they wish to honour such as those who really existed and really fought in two world wars. In all your nonsense Trowbridge remember that these people were killed because a person made a bomb and decided to plant it beside a wall where everyone knew spectators at that service would be standing. Then they (an IRA man) detonated it and killed lots of people. There was a reason, it was bigotry and hatred nothing else unless you wish to stoop to the level lib 2016 so ably did last week. If you want to try to uncover something how about telling us who committed Enniskillen and why, then I might have a little less contempt for your pseudotheories.

  • Just your typical shite, Turgon.

    My post was about the re-investigation of the 1982 Shoot-To-Kill murders.

    And instead of reading Hayward’s book, Under Fire: My Own Story, especially p. 40ff. – what has an introduction by Tory MP John Gorst, was published by W. H. Allen publishers, and which resulted in Thatcher’s government starting to fall apart when she sacked Foreign Minister Sir Geoffrey Howe for allowing it to appear, and because of which SOD George Younger resigned in protest – you act as if it is not at all important – might not even exist.

    Until you make some attempt to inform yourself in the most elementary manner about such matters, I am not going to waste further time on you.

  • Turgon

    Right Trowbridge,
    This book destroyed Thatcher did it? Funny that it never gets that credit. How did the Foreign sectrary Geoffrey Howe have the role of allowing the publication of a book? Of course you also ignore the tensions between him and Thatcher regarding Europe, South Africa and the Poll Tax. I would also like to see some proof that George Younger resigned over Hayward’s book.

    I come back to your claims about Hayward. There is no credible way that Hayward alone would be the instigator of all the shoot to kill stuff, then Loughgall, Eksund, Gibraltar and Olaf Palme (some of which he seems to have done when he was in prison). I have no doubt this man is bitter regarding something and is either a bare faced liar or a Walter Mitty character, not a James Bond. Try learning the skill of critical appriasal, I thought you might have learnt that whilst a university lecturer.

    I see you have at least not chosen to continue to perpetrate the disgusting remarks made by lib 2016 and implied at by yourself regarding Enniskillen being somehow brought about by the victims themselves or anyone other than the IRA. An assurance from yourself regarding this would at least suggest you had some honour if not sound judgement.

  • Just more, you-know-what, Turgon.

    I cannot help it if most historians are just like journalists, mere hacks who rarely investigate anything controversial seriously.

    The role of Hayward’s book in causing all the trouble with Howe is well documented if you read it carefully. He went on at great length about how the Foreign Office – people like David Mellor (p. 449), Jenny Cummings (p. 106), John White (p. 194) et al. (pp. 449-50, etc.) had treated him as if he were just some foreigner for whom the FO had no responsibility – what the Foreign Secretary should have done everything to prevent happening, and, more importantly, appearing in the book.

    His firing – a bolt from the blue – is well recounted in Alan Clark’s Diaries when he confirmed on July 24, 1989 the wild rumours: “Maddest of all is that Geoffrey Howe is to be sacked.” (p. 248.) While Thatcher tried to explain Younger, whose MoD had hardly been more helpful to Hayward’s plight,leaving office as the result of his going to the Lords, he resigned over Howe’s sacking, and showed his displeasure with the ‘Mad Lady’ by surpringly refusing to support her candidacy for re-election the next year – what Howe triggered her demise by his resignation speech as the demoted Leader of the House on this note: “The time has come for others to consider their own response to the tragic conflict of loyalties with which I myself have wrestled for perhaps too long.” (Quoted from p. 347.)

    I have never claimed that Hayward’s role apparently in the Shoot-To-Kill murders was all his own doing. He was there to settle scores for his dead Guards colleagues, their mounts, and ‘Mad Maggie’.

    As for his role in the Stockholm shooting, he was the ideal hitman, given his career in Northern Ireland, when MI6 could not come up with anyone else to do the dirty work – work which got the FRU and ‘Steak knife’ to set him up here on the false charge on drug-trafficking, and for which British special forces got the Loughgall cull, and the capture of the Eklsund in return.

    And the Gibraltar cull was done in the hope of satisfying the bitter Hayward over his plight in Sweden by getting the PIRA council to finally take out ‘SK’.

    As for your continuing personal attacks, I should tell you that critical appraisals are not a strong point among academics, but ass-kissing is. I only got interested in critical analysis after I pushed for early retirement right after Palme was assassinated. I just couldn’t take the crap of academe any more.

    As for your parting jesture regarding Enniskillen, I don’t know what you are referring to. I have always claimed that the Provos did it. The Brits used ‘SK’s aka ‘John Oakes’ discomfort over it to set him up after the Gib cull because of its overkill.

  • Turgon

    Right Trowbridge,
    “The role of Hayward’s book in causing all the trouble with Howe is well documented if you read it carefully”
    So Hayward’s book documents the fact that Howe was unhappy with Hayward’s book. Outstanding!

    “I pushed for early retirement right after Palme was assassinated”. I take it you decided to retire and are not trying to say these events are causally related?

    As to the quote from Howe, most people take that to be about his concerns regarding Europe. If you think it is because he was worried about Hayward or anyone else produce the evidence.

  • Right, for once, Turgon, my retirement was not linked causally to the Palme assassination. It was just coincidentally linked, though I did realize that the West was involed in some dirty operation at the time – what turned out to be using the statsminister’s murder to trigger a non-nuclear conclusion to the Cold War.

    As for the linkage between the appearance of Hayward’s book, and the sacking of Foreign Minister Howe, I have already supplied the evidence, provided you took the time to read my earlier post.

    Alan Clark, a Thatcher loyalist to the very end, stated that Howe’s sacking was the last rumour that any in the Tory party took to be true, showing that it was considered an act of disloyalty by the PM, not a question of any policy differences over Europe, South Africa or the poll tax.

    For more on this, read Clark about why the Cabinet – especially Howe, Hurd, and Lawson, really loathed her – though Clark really never understood why.

    You really need to polish up your reading skills
    if you ever hope to get up to speed in understanding events.

  • Turgon

    Let us get this straight. Hayward claims in his book that Howe was annoyed about attempts to block Haywards book. How could he know about this before his book came out? Clearly this man is not James Bond he is actually a time traveller.

    Incidentally was a non nuclear conclusion to the cold war a good or bad thing?

    In terms of reading I will stick to James Joyce and Ulysses for the moment and try Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness next thanks all the same.

  • You are so incredibly slow on the uptake, Turgon, that I don’t know why I continue to response to your simple-minded posts.

    I have never claimed that what Hayward wrote Under Fire: My Own Story annoyed Foreign Secretary Sir Geoffrey Howe. I have stated that it so annoyed Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher that she sacked him when she belatedly learned about it in late July 1989 – right after MP John Gorst wrote his Foreward on the 19th.

    Gorst talked at considerable length about his dealings with many British officials, especially the Prime Minister herself (p. 8), about the Life Guards officer’s undoubted innocence in a trial in which two Scotland Yard police officers in the National Drugs Intelligence Unit connived in his unfair conviction, and for which the MoD somehow still asked for his resignation. (p. 9)

    Gorst concluded on this note: “At the very least, I hope Simon’s story will implant a widespread concern about his case here in the United Kingdom.” (p. 9) When Hayward tried to do this after he was released from prison in September, the PM intervened to prevent him from even appearing on Terry Wogan’s Show for starters, but ultimately settled for his getting a new identity as Captain James Rennie, and apparent employment in successor to the NDIU, the Organised and International Crime Directorate.

    There was nothing wrong for the Cold War to have ended in a non-nuclear conclusion.

    But the assassination of Palme to help trigger it would not have resulted in this plan succeeding as the Soviets had 82 nuclear-armed SS-23 missiles, commanded by Soviet hawk Nicolai Ogarkov, that the Anglo-American war mongers did not know about, and if the Soviet boomer subs had started being sunk in the Barents and White Seas, and NATO forces in Anchor Express Exercise and American ones in Task Force Eagle had started charging across Norway’s Finnmark area, the whole world would have become a nuclear cinder.

    When Mark Urban wrote about the matter belatedly in UK Eyes Alpha, he concluded most falsely:
    “Oversights of this kind may have been inevitable because of the limitations of technology or surveillance, but given the power of the weapons concerned,they would have been catastrophic in the event of war.” (p. 290)

    We were only saved by the spies now rotting in prison, Rick Ames, Robert Hanssen, Jonathan Pollard et al., because they allowed Moscow to take appropriate measures so that it did not have to resort to their use.

    In sum, this is Anglo-American government behaving in a completely mad way, but nothing is ever done about it.

  • Bilbo Baggins

    Such sad fools who forget that it was British government policy to terrorize the terrorist as hailed by Mrs Thatcher. Was it wright?. Well at least Michael Tighe didn’t appear later in Colombia like his mate to show the FARC a few evil tricks on how to kill as many as possible in one fell swoop.