“Very small-minded individuals have taken it upon themselves to raise tensions”

Just a quick round-up of the recent spate of apparent arson attempts. A continuation of attacks at Twaddell Avenue in Belfast the other day, to the “suspicious” fire at a building in Lisnaskea County Fermanagh where Sinn Féin MP, and Agriculture Minister, Michelle Gildernew has an office, to the attack on Seagoe Orange Hall in Portadown. And Fair Deal points to this recent attack. A triumph of top-down politics, indeed..

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  • joeCanuck

    “Very small-minded individuals have taken it upon themselves to raise tensions”

    Do you really think it is a deliberate attempt to raise tensions, Pete, rather than mindless morons out to have a bit of “fun”?

  • fair_deal


    You missed this one

    I have removed the duplicatory thread

  • Pete Baker

    Noted, fd.


    The “mindless morons” label might apply if the targets were random.

  • jpeters

    these guys shouldnt be given any credit for having an overall stratedgy at all, except that of small minded bigotry

  • lib2016

    Total condemnation of all the violence is the only rational response. Please, please don’t let us have any ‘what-abouts’ on this thread.

  • merrie

    Reading all the reports I have to agree it is sectarian. There has been a lot of arson in my area in London recently – including a major one in an industrial site which caused me to be evacuated for a night. Also the Cutty Sark, several motor bikes and cars set alight in the off road area I cycle through, warehouses, a church…

    Arsonists in my area have not targeted houses or ones with people living in them and I think this is normal for arsonists. They just want a scary thrill and a sense of power in the damage they have caused. Small-minded morons.

    Some of the fires near me have been called “developer’s fires”. A quick clearance of a site by fire and demolition at the local Council’s expense.

    So could it be that the targeted houses in NI are blocking the redevelopment of an area? If not, the fires have been caused by small-minded morons with a particular attitude.

  • fourwinds

    Stopping this sort of behaviour has got to be the TOP priority for the new executive.
    They need to come up with an emergency anti-sectarianism plan.

    We’ve got big problems and the next generation is looking as bad or worse than we were.

    Compulsory integrated education should be enforced. Not many go to church anymore anyway so there is no excuse for having this institutionalised division from day 1.

  • me

    compulsory integrated education.

    So much for democracy

  • Yokel

    Dont know about the Orange Hall or Gildernews office but the Twadell attacks have been going on for some time and have been fairly systematic.

    Merrie those houses aint holding up anything, end of.

    Its being done because the people there are Prods, living across the road from Catholics and some people dont like it.

    There is no washing over it.

  • Garibaldy


    Couldn’t agree more on the need for a coordinated government plan to fight sectarianism, not simply manage it. Alas, as our entire society and politics are predicated on a sectarian mindset of belonging to one side or another, I’ll not hold my breath. But even the enforcement of current laws against hate crime would help. Personally I’d like to see a small start made with mandatory 10 year minimum sentences for ANY criminality motivated by sectarianism – whether this be nearly beating someone to death, throwing petrol or paint bombs, or simply shouting sectarian abuse. Until we see really tough action people will continue to sweep this under the carpet, as can be seen from the thread on Derry.

    I also note that a lot of this violence is going on after the marching season is basically over. Usually we see people connect sectarian violence, especially against Orange halls etc, to the marching season. I’d like to see somone who thinks that explain this spate of attacks.

  • BonarLaw

    “I’d like to see somone who thinks that explain this spate of attacks.”

    School holidays. Sad but true.

  • urquhart

    Are we finally seeing the dividend of all that money spent developing ‘community capital’ in loyalist areas? Not so long ago, these attacks on places like Twaddell could almost have guaranteed a disproportionate response from loyalists, which would have been the main news item (which I imagine was the aim here).

    Now, finally, there seems to be enough sense in the area to hold back and put the focus where it deserves to be- on the little shits with their nostalgia for the good old 1970s .

    As someone sensible once said, this is just the last sting of a dying wasp.

    (print this out for future reference)

  • interested

    Not much of a fan of the idea of ‘compulsory integrated education’ but if what merrie meant was that there was one state education sector for everyone which was therefore de facto integrated then fantastic.

    Not only would we see a real step towards integration but would save tens of millions.

    I think school holidays do have some part to play in all this – attacks go up in the summer and quite often the perpetrators are nothing more than children. However, to wash away all the attacks as the usual teenage vandalism completely misses the point. A lot of the targets are specifically chosen and are chosen for sectarian reasons. Some of the attacks, like on the house with that young baby inside have clearly been orchestrated and concentrated attacks – hence the mother of that baby having to previously scale the back wall of her house to escape an attack whilst 4 months pregnant. That just doesnt sound like a few teenage hoods with nothing better to do to me.

  • Comrade Stalin

    The attacks on Twaddell are being orchestrated by dissident republican elements (INLA) attempting to raise tensions. It is only a matter of time before the loyalists respond in kind.

    What annoys me is the lack of enthusiasm from the police in trying to interfere with/disrupt those causing trouble. After the petrol bomb attack, they showed up and separated the crowds. Why don’t they just go in and lift a few people and stick them in jail for a few days, for “questioning” ?

  • joeCanuck

    We have these continual reports of arson attacks, mainly against Orange Halls, but I don’t remember hearing about any prosecutions.
    Have the PSNI been totally unsuccessful in bringing any perpetrators to justice?

  • Florrie

    The Twaddell attacks seem to me to be totally sinister. The area has always been an interface and why this has happened to up the ante at this point seems very strange. No shortage of politicians queuing up to get their faces in the News Letter though. The Provisionals seem to be powerless (toothless?) (in the pub?) to stop this as the agenda has moved on. The Fat lady has not sung in Ardoyne!

  • lucky escape

    There is clearly an element in Ardoyne who need sorted out. What would have happened if that poor child had been burnt alive?
    The police need to stop hanging back and break the heads of would-be child murderers wide open – ANYWHERE. Rather than sitting back in their landrovers and waiting for some supposed arrests after studying CCTV footage.
    Otherwise a kid is going to die on Twadell or another exposed street and the response will be impossible to contain.

  • Outsider

    I presume nobody will be caught for this attack on an orage hall either, like the last hall that was attacked this one had only just been renovated, random I think not.

  • Portadown Parishioner

    I don’t agree with attack on Seagoe Orange Hall.

    However, I wonder why two other recent incidents in Portadown town centre, also motivated by sheer sectarianism, were never mentioned in the media.

    In the first incident, on Friday night (24th August), a young Catholic man was assaulted outside licensed premises at High Street in the town centre. The young man had been socialising with friends in the premises and had gone outside on his own for a few moments to have a smoke. He was then approached by a group of several males who were walking past the premises and who quizzed him about his religion before attacking him. the man suffered neck and head injuries

    SDLP MLA Dolores Kelly has condemned the attack and said it had “worrying overtones” of the death of Catholic man, Robert Hamill, who was kicked to death in the town ten years ago.

    On Monday evening (27th August), while the Novena Mass was being held in St Patrick’s Catholic Church in William Street, adjacent to the town centre, a group of males entered the church at around 7.20pm (it was still Daylight), shouting sectarian obscenities at worshippers and completely disrupting the Mass before running off. A number of those attending the Novena, who included elderly people, were very distraught and agitated by the incident which was reported to the PSNI by the local parish priest.

    By the way, anyone who knows Portadown can confirm the plethora of publicly paid for CCTV cameras which exist around the town centre, controlled and monitored by the PSNI. We should expect swift arrests then? No chance

    A lot of comment comes from various unionists and others about creating ‘shared space’. Those same unionists need to take stock of the reality of incidents like these and the impact which such incidents have upon the Nationalist and Catholic community in Portadown, and to condemn them without equivocation or ambivalence.

    If young Nationalist men are unable to socialise without the constant fear of sectarian violence against them, or if Catholic people cannot pray within their own place of worship without sectarian abuse being directed towards them; then clearly there is still a long journey to be travelled before the concept of shared space in Portadown town centre, and Portadown in general, can become a reality.

  • joeCanuck

    We need a short word to describe moperific whataboutery.
    Any suggestions?

  • Joe

  • slug
  • Dewi

    Slug – Sinn Fein should chuck him out immediately.

  • Slug
    I thought it was a joke with a follow-on punchline

    According to the SF “representative”:

    “It is alleged that youths did take down a flag but I am not sure whether it is true or not. It is not the type of thing we would be condoning, we oppose attacks on Orange halls.”

    The show you’re not hypocrites and kick the bigotted idiot out of your party.
    Hope his wrist gets better (slowly).

  • joeCanuck

    I like it oneill.

  • joeCanuck

    Shinner falls off Orange hall roof

    Talk about being caught “red handed”.
    Sorry about that.