Less than perfect drivers

Oh yes! A website to expose the less than perfect parkers and drivers in our midst. Shite drivers.com is the brain child of Niall O’Keefe from County Louth. The site allows people to expose all manner of less than ideal control of the vehicle. I know the subject of poor driving has come up here numerous times in the past, and I have strong feelings about people who wear caps and drive at 10 miles an hour from Hilltown to Banbridge. To quote from the site:

Welcome to ShiteDrivers.com! This is the site where we expose the bad, the worse and the ugly of poor driving, parking and general incompetent or ignorant use of motor cars in Ireland. In other words, this is the site where we expose the truly shite drivers.

If you ever feel particularly incensed by some moron who has cut you off, nearly crashed into you, driven right in front of you at 30km/h in a 80km/h zone, sat in the overtaking lane on a motorway while doing 30km/h less than the limit and not actually overtaking anyone, or anyone else who seriously calls into question their right to go anywhere within 100 metres of a car, then there’s finally a place for you to vent your righteous anger.

I imagine a word of caution would have to be exercised though. As noble and interesting as this sounds, one person’s idea of poor driving may not be that of another. And there may be exceptional circumstances occasionally. I would hate to think that someone could be seriously harmed or injured as a result of being named and shamed in such a fashion.

On the other hand, for all the BMW’s who need 2 parking spaces, or indeed dont need any at all and just block your exit, this might be a sweet opportunity to do a little exposing.