Less than perfect drivers

Oh yes! A website to expose the less than perfect parkers and drivers in our midst. Shite drivers.com is the brain child of Niall O’Keefe from County Louth. The site allows people to expose all manner of less than ideal control of the vehicle. I know the subject of poor driving has come up here numerous times in the past, and I have strong feelings about people who wear caps and drive at 10 miles an hour from Hilltown to Banbridge. To quote from the site:

Welcome to ShiteDrivers.com! This is the site where we expose the bad, the worse and the ugly of poor driving, parking and general incompetent or ignorant use of motor cars in Ireland. In other words, this is the site where we expose the truly shite drivers.

If you ever feel particularly incensed by some moron who has cut you off, nearly crashed into you, driven right in front of you at 30km/h in a 80km/h zone, sat in the overtaking lane on a motorway while doing 30km/h less than the limit and not actually overtaking anyone, or anyone else who seriously calls into question their right to go anywhere within 100 metres of a car, then there’s finally a place for you to vent your righteous anger.

I imagine a word of caution would have to be exercised though. As noble and interesting as this sounds, one person’s idea of poor driving may not be that of another. And there may be exceptional circumstances occasionally. I would hate to think that someone could be seriously harmed or injured as a result of being named and shamed in such a fashion.

On the other hand, for all the BMW’s who need 2 parking spaces, or indeed dont need any at all and just block your exit, this might be a sweet opportunity to do a little exposing.

  • Yokel

    Is there a subsection for taxi drivers?

    They deserve a place all of their own.

  • Jesus,

    If ever there was a site which summed up the angst of married middle aged blokes then this is it… What a sad existence…

    These nutters need to get a life…

  • agh

    maybe it’s the signs in Irish that are putting the drivers off down south? he he, sorry, couldn’t resist… the real question is are catholics worse drivers than prods!! do prods demand the right to drive wherever they want and will catholics wish to reroute them down the M1 rather than them taking their traditional scenic route through nationalist towns!! Surely the shinner will demand traditional modes of Irish transport, such as the good old horse and cart rather than these ‘foreign vehicles’ anyway.

  • Rory

    If you’d read your Flann O’Brien, like a good Irishman ought, Agh, you’d know that the true, truly Gaelic form of Gaelic transportation in Gaeldom is the bicycle.

  • Tochais Síoraí

    What percentage bicycle are you, Rory?

  • The Third Policeman

    Ah but Rory be careful not to be riding your bicycle too often. Don’t you know the Atomic Theory is at work in this parish? All the fault of the County Council of course, they have a lot to answer for.

  • kaido kiik

    Miss Fitz

    Can only presume it was me you are talking about as I drive twice daily between Banbridge – Hilltown and anybody at over 10 mph on that road is an absolute hog. Were you the snazzy car that passed me the other day, just after Annaclone on the sharp left hander, waving your fist and mouthing obscenities ?

  • Rory

    This fellow would be better employed taking pictures of those sneaky bicycle pump thieves who are a scourge to traditional Gaeldom.

    And I trust, Miss Fitz, that it is a proper ladies’ bicycle that you are riding along the road between Hilltown and Banbridge, going like the clappers and frightening the horses.

  • miss fitz

    I cannot believe what happened to me today, and wonder if the god of feckless young drivers was out to get me.

    I was in Donemana today, and as I was coming out of a laneway, a boy racer passed by, swerved and then lost control of his vehicle. He spun down the road in front of me, fipped over about 5 times and ploughed nose down into a field several hundred yards in front of me. I was absolutely frozen to the spot and aghast.

    I ran for help to a nearby house, as I couldnt get 999 on the mobile. The car was crushed, and I had to assume there was s death.

    As the gentleman I had summoned and I ran toward the car, we saw a young fellow emerging from the smoke and steam of the wreck. I was so delighted he was alive, I could hardly speak, but eventually I said: ‘Gosh, you were fair clipping it there’. He replied ‘Aye, I must have been doing 60.’

    To which I replied ‘Were you shite, you were doing 90 at the least’

    To which the boy racer said ‘Aye, but they cant kill me, thats the third car I’ve written off in that same spot.’

    I am genuinely lost for words after that!

  • McGrath

    “I have strong feelings about people who wear caps and drive at 10 miles an hour from Hilltown to Banbridge.”

    Says more about your driving than theirs.

    “which I replied ‘Were you shite, you were doing 90 at the least’ To which the boy racer said ‘Aye, but they cant kill me, thats the third car I’ve written off in that same spot.’ ”

    I think I’d have knocked the shite out of him myself (what ever was left in him).

    My wife (a foreign national) tells me Ireland is a nation of reckless and careless drivers. I’m starting to agree.

  • Alan

    Reckless car parkers too.

    Like the balloon who was working as a painter or window cleaner at Royston House, Queens St in Belfast yesterday who double parked for a good 15 minutes while he retreived a set of ladders, hemming me in for the whole of that time.

    His sole justification when confronted – “F$&% Off.”