Blessed are the dealmakers: yeah, right!

Over at Comment is Free, I’ve a short piece on the dangerous art of brokering peace, particularly with your own tribe’s fundamentalists and/or moralists conspiring at your back… which is possibly the most sustainable message that derives from Lord Putnam’s myth-making on Michael Collins.

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  • Dewi

    Enjoyed the Malachi O’Doherty biography – an excellent sense of Belfast in 1972.

  • lib2016

    Surprising that nobody has noted the most obvious risktaker for peace in the NI situation, and the one whom Putnamm undoubtedly had in mind when preparing the speech viz. Gerry Adams.

    Still it is nice to see how outsiders see us now and then. Good for Putnam and good for whoever had the idea of asking him to make the speech.

  • Belfast Gonzo

    If peace processing demands sacrificial lambs, then surely Trimble’s opposite counterpart would have been John Hume…