And the award for the daftest political statement of the day goes to…

THANKS to Ian McCrea MLA of the DUP for providing the laugh of the day. He called for those who removed a Northern Ireland football flag to be prosecuted, because “those responsible had to tramp through the flowerbed in the middle of the roundabout” to get to it. So how did those who put it up manage to do put it up in the first place? Arguably, removing flags from public property is upholding the law, so perhaps Mr McCrea is calling for the wrong people to be prosecuted! Apart from that, good luck to Norn Iron tonight.

  • RG Cuan

    Abair amadán – what a fool!

    Good luck to both teams from this island of course!

  • joeCanuck

    It gets my vote.
    Wish I could play the man!

  • Wee slabber

    A chip of the old block. Obviously a genius, just like his da!

  • Yokel

    Wee Slabber

    What if he sings too..think about that eh…I’m praying that certain things skip a generation in that case.

  • Wee slabber

    I wonder if he is as cosy with the LVF as his da?

  • Yokel

    Depends if he likes ravy music with lots of bass….

    You think he’d suit a white shellsuit?

  • Hogan from County Tyrone

    I wonder if exposing the sheer stupidity of one of the DUPs backwoodsmen will have an effect on their vote at the next election?

    Probably will… UP!

  • Tochais Síoraí

    Hold on. Maybe the flag just appeared there. A sort of Free Presbyerian apparition.

    Think about the tourists, people. Lourdes, Fatima, Knock. In a few years time pilgrims could be flying into Mc Crea International Airport in Magherafelt.

  • Yokel

    Jesus Loves You Airlines?

    Can you imagine the pre flight on one of their planes?

    ‘Before the inflight safety demonstration let us pray for a safe flight….’

  • jpeters

    more likely ‘there will be no inflight demostration as we are all in gods hands now…’

  • Yokel

    Sure everyone ignores it anyhow.

  • Cromwell

    Flight Lieutenant Ian McCrea of Free Presbyterian Bomber Command….”target sighted….bibles away Ginger”!!!

  • smcgiff

    Should be three more points for N. Ireland tonight.

    David Healy is really showing the premiership how silly they were not to swoop for him while with Leeds. Three goals (okay, one wasn’t allowed, but…) in three games.

    You know, I’d nearly play him in my All-Ireland team! 😉

  • Prince Eoghan

    Fuck me more moronic in-bred nepotism going on. Speaking of which, how long before we have some eedjit on complaining that all the threads are ant-prod?

    How much nepotism is there in politics in the north of Ireland? and is it just confines to Unionism with the Paisley’s etc.?

  • Rubicon

    Alex & Paul Maskey.

  • Comrade Stalin

    Once again, unionists defend law-breaking when they perceive it is coming from their electorate, and criticize law-upholding if they perceive that it is at the expense of their electorate.

    Speaking about law enforcement, did anyone else laugh all the way into work this morning at that buck eejit who parked his Aston Martin on Ormeau Avenue without any tax disc or valid registration on display ? Said eejit went on Nolan to complain about the “incompetence” of the NCP traffic wardens and how they “weren’t working for the people”. It was priceless. The upper class twat basically said that he should be allowed to get away with an illegal vehicle because he had trade plates in the boot.

  • londonderry lad

    I think Ian is focusing more on the attempt theft of property from the lampost by republcians in Magherafelt and not just the damage to the council’s flowerbed

  • Cahal

    Was it a stormont regime flag or an IFA flag?

  • Rory

    “What if he sings too..”

    And why not, Yokel? An Ulster remake of Tiny Tim’s “Tiptoe Through the Tulips” is long overdue and might fit the bill. The man McCrea even has much the same charisma as the sartorially challenged svelte star of yesteryear.

  • Mrs Marples

    McCrea is not the only amadan.
    When the flag was put up the flower bed had not been planted out and so those who put it up did not destroy the plants but those who took the flag down most certainly did. Think before you jump to improper conclusions.
    Suppositions are no substitute for facts.

  • Mrs Marples

    The more I think of this perhaps MR McCrea is not foolish at all in any way because I can think of at least three other ways the flag could have been placed without interferring with the flower bed and these will be woven into my next mystery.

  • Belfast Gonzo

    Bah, foiled again. If it hadn’t been for you pesky kids, etc.

    On the other hand, if the flag has been up long enough for plants to grow under it, it’s probably been up too long. It was a terribly cheap PR stunt by McCrea.

    Still, I can’t get annoyed about it any more after winning 3-0.

  • Cromwell

    Belfast Gonzo,

    Celebrating were you? ( it was 3-1 from an exceedingly soft goal given away through lack of concentration.)

  • doire.protastunach

    Interersting to note that email address for Mrs Marples is ianmac – any chance this is Wee McCrea himself. It would appear he may just be another young pretender just like Wee Ian Pailsley.

  • Mrs Marples

    Most certainly not.
    I know who I am and have absolutely no connection with Ian McCrea.
    I have never met him and the Email address is not a correct record of my name.
    You are barking up the wrong tree.
    Your cynicism is leading you astray.
    End of story

  • Sean

    me thinks she doth protest too much lol

  • Dewi

    But leave us a clue will you Mrs Marples !

  • Billy

    This is very encouraging from a Republican point of view.

    Having lived in London for many years, I am well aware of the impression that Willie McCrea makes on the UK electorate. He comes across as a dour, “never on a Sunday”, virolantly anti-Catholic backwoodsman.

    I was concerned that, when he steps down as an MP, the DUP might replace him with someone who is better on the PR front (although that would hardly be difficult).

    It looks as if he’s grooming his son for the position – and the money!.

    Excellent, his son presents an equally bad impression of DUP Unionism and is possibly even more stupid.

  • The Third Policeman

    Its a NI flag, big green affair with the logo on it and ‘We’re not Brazil’ etc. Lovingly put up with grey masking tape if I’m correct. It’s been up since whatever day the arch and the rest of the flags were put up for the 12th. Whatever day that was. And don’t be so quick to agree with nosey old Marples here, (no offence old girl, I just never could stand that interferring old windbag) I can’t remember there not being any flowers when it was put up. Could be wrong of course. That particular roundabout (in the town centre) also has a beautiful Union jack up all year round. For a town with a nationalist majority and a Sinn Fein majority in the council that says something. We Catholics don’t own ladders.

    On a funnier, flower related note, Cookstown town council had to change its flower arrangement which spelt out ‘Cookstown’ to ‘C’town’ because, well, someone kept changing that second ‘O’. Now there’s vandalism and there’s vandalism. But to me thats just funny.

  • Belfast Gonzo

    LOL – you just made my day TTP.

  • Dawkins

    TTP may well have made it up, but no matter. He’s just given every vandal in C’town an idea. From today on no roadsign in, near or to the town will be safe :0)

  • Magherafelt Brit

    The flag in question is indeed an IFA flag, and it is still there, ready to greet the Sir Knights of County Londonderry as they parade up Rainey Street and round the Diamond tomorrow afternoon on their way to the field. The efforts of the local nationalists to remove it failed miserably. It actually went up in June, not long before Dunamoney FB hosted their annual band parade, and whoever said there were no flowewrs there at the time is quite correct – Magherafelt Council are not very quick at planting their flowerbeds!

    Being a Northern Ireland fan, I’m reasonably content to see the flag there as I travel through the town at least once a day, but as a Unionist first and foremost, I feel the sheer size and proportion of the flag removes from the superior position that should be enjoyed by the Union Flag that flies on a proper pole in the Diamond all the year round. Long may the national flag remain there!

    Also, kudos to the Sir Knights of RBP 291 – Magherafelt is very well decorated in readiness for tomorrow’s dignified parade, and I await parading through the town under the auspices of my home district, South Derry RBDC No. 4, with some pride.

  • Dawkins

    LOL. It must be on account of my background but I find the handle “Magherafelt Brit” as incongruous as, say, “Cherokee Chinaman”.

    Nothing personal, MB, honest!

  • ThreeSpiresProd

    I agree with Magherafelt Brit. I was at parade in Magherafelt today and the town was indeed well decorated. Good to see everyone turned out and looking their best. This parade was indeed very dignified.
    The Sir Knights of RBP 291 did do themselves proud. It was good to see that the so called protest did not take place and that people have realised that a religious service is not the place to air differences in political opinion. There really does not seem to be any real support in the community for such a protest.