March for Truth Not Very Long

How far will they go for the truth? Thus far and no further. Love the quote about questioning motives.

“SINN Fein last night described as “baseless” suggestions that another senior party figure was a police informer at the height of the Troubles.
Yesterday a Sinn Fein spokesman accused [Upper Bann MP David] Simpson of lacking “moral courage” by “hiding behind parliamentary privilege”.
“You wouldn’t judge the allegations. You would judge David Simpson and I would question his motivation in all this,” he said.
SF deny informer charge in today’s Irish News

‘Sinn Fein spy killed my dad’ & Assassin had protection claims heartbroken son
DUP prepared to name prominent SF member who conspired in murder and then turned informer
Cryptome names informerThere is no hope for justice for victims of the IRA, April 2006 interview with Nigel Lutton about the murder of his father.

“I have met with the Historical Inquiries team from the Met and I have confidence in them and what they are trying to do,” said Nigel. “But the Northern Ireland Office will not allow them to take anyone out, who by their arrest would upset the peace process.”