March for Truth Not Very Long

How far will they go for the truth? Thus far and no further. Love the quote about questioning motives.

“SINN Fein last night described as “baseless” suggestions that another senior party figure was a police informer at the height of the Troubles.
Yesterday a Sinn Fein spokesman accused [Upper Bann MP David] Simpson of lacking “moral courage” by “hiding behind parliamentary privilege”.
“You wouldn’t judge the allegations. You would judge David Simpson and I would question his motivation in all this,” he said.
SF deny informer charge in today’s Irish News

‘Sinn Fein spy killed my dad’ & Assassin had protection claims heartbroken son
DUP prepared to name prominent SF member who conspired in murder and then turned informer
Cryptome names informerThere is no hope for justice for victims of the IRA, April 2006 interview with Nigel Lutton about the murder of his father.

“I have met with the Historical Inquiries team from the Met and I have confidence in them and what they are trying to do,” said Nigel. “But the Northern Ireland Office will not allow them to take anyone out, who by their arrest would upset the peace process.”

  • Worm

    When does parliament restart? Mid October?

  • Reds under the Beds

    Reckless to name names yokel. Not only that, but unsubstantiated allegations., but hey, when did that ever get in the way of the rumour and innuendo mill, huh?

  • Cuchulainn

    i think its stupid to name names,

    and that person, is a bit to obvious! but i dout its him myself!

    maybe in the next election the slogan for the sdlp should be

    “vote for the sdlp, at least u know who ur voting for!”

  • kensei

    I absolutely hate people abusing parliamentary privilege in this fashion. If you really believe it, have the fucking balls to stand behind it.

    Surely there should be some Parliamentary standard against this type of thing. Local politicians seem really bad for it.

  • Yokel


    Its there in the link. Otherwise I wouldnt have known meself who it was rumoured to be.

    This is not just a DUP ruse, the DUP are just fronting this. Its a shot across the SF bows in a kind of ‘you want the truth, you cant handle the truth’ way.

    SF are not that stupid. They know all too well some of their own have been and maybe are informers to the British state so things like this are very very sensitive indeed.

    In short its a warning to pipe down.

  • east tyrone remembers

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  • Baseless allegations

    This story is a load of balls. A while back it was Martin McGuiness was the tout, then it was Padraig Wilson…

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  • Yokel


    Only on a consultancy basis with opay related related to improvement in profits, so the rumour goes…

  • DaithiO

    “East Tyrone Remembers”

    Parliamentary Priveledge is bad enough, but coming onto the internet and anonymously slurring an elected representetive is rather sad.

    Back it up and say it openly, then we can take your words more seriously!

  • Yokel

    Oh for fecks sake Daithi there’s slurs on people every day on this forum and it is always the same. One side says its terrible, the other side says back it up and come out from behind the curtains.

    You know how it goes.

  • DaithiO

    Yokel you are of course correct, you could start a thread here about splitting the atom and it would turn into a sectaian mudfest. That’s a given!

    This great facility we have on Slugger is however badly abused by people who libel others from behind a veil of anonymity. As my posting intimated, that’s worse, but only a little worse, than parliamentary priveledge.

  • The Dubliner

    [Text removed – moderator]

    PIRA was bound to be riddled with informers since its means of detecting them (ISU) was run by a British agent. When his Lordship’s gatekeeper is poacher, he shouldn’t be surprised to find all is pheasants have vanished.

  • mick hall

    it’s a paradox to claim that a person can “wreck” that which he “had no control over.”

    Of course that is just what a well position agent of influence will be able to do. Having said that I have no idea whether the man in question was one and I think we should be very careful before naming him, poor bastard.

    I agree that this is some sort of shot across Gerry’s bows, but we should always take into account that things are not always what they seem.

    what a world ah.

  • Cuchulainn

    hold on, who even said it was Molly, people can jump to a lot of concullsions, without seeing the question!

    not a Molly fan, but who said that it was him, and who said it was even an MLA in mid-ulster??

  • Yokel

    Mick hall

    Definitely is a warning shot alright and that DUP are just fronting it. Big Ian will say nothing and just shrug not wanting to make a public fuss so he keeps it clean and they’ll leave it to Simpson. Anyway Simpson doesnt have to say anything is thats the plan, the story is out now and the idea that SF and Provies aren’t going to investigate is laughable, despite public statements. They will want to know what the story is.

    Its the timing that gets me, its ages before Westminster is back yet this is being run with.

    I’m of the view that being a warning shot its still live ammunition and thus Simpson’s claims are going have to have some kind of legs, if they are forthcoming. [text removed – mod] there will be worries about it in Connolly House. It isnt the public shrieks of mock horror that an SF rep has a past, its the internal issue to SF, the IRA & large sections of republicanism that there’s a possible tout in the house. The Scap & Donaldson issues appear to have proved accurate, why not another?

    This is a totally new game being played now and Sinn Fein need to adjust to it.

  • joeCanuck

    I’ve got that Deja Moo feeling.

    You know, the strange feeling that you have heard this bullshit before.

  • gareth mccord

    TYPICAL of a unionist politician!!
    ignore the so called loyalist murderers who are being paid by the government and name the other side, completely shows unionist politicians for what they are A WASTE OF SPACE!!

  • Yokel

    Well someone hs been busy with the marker pen…

  • Turgon

    This does look very like a shot across SF’s bows as Yokel suggests.

    Maybe this will help SF in a perverse way though. It will allow them to drop the march for half / quarter truth before anything really embarrasing comes up. If SF are not pushing the march for half / quarter truth, by the time Simpson gets to name whoever it is the thing can be regarded as old news and so pretty unimportant.

    As such the truth stuff will have done all it was designed to do in SF eyes, namely annoy unionists, give the impression of being unchanged and uncorrupted by partitionist power, and give the hardliners something to do. Yet despite achieving these aims it will have been able to be dropped before it gained any momentum and hence, before inconvinent truth comes out let alone any demands for truth from SF/IRA about their campaign of murders.

    Makes you wonder who could have helped in the leaking of this to Simpson, but that is a conspiracy theory and I do not really believe it.