Large blue box assembled in Belfast..

If the Danish government won’t apologise for the Vikings what chance is there that the Swedish government will for IKEA [They’re really serious about that self-assembly, aren’t they? – Ed]

Lord Mayor of Belfast Jim Rodgers today placed the last skylight on the roof of the 29,000 square metre store as part of the ‘topping-out’ ceremony, marking the completion of its construction.

Announced in January 2006, and as long as there were no puzzling bits left over from that assembling, it’s due to open in December.

  • susan

    “…and as long as there were no puzzling bits left over from that assembling…”

    Pete Baker, this link is for you:

  • Pete Baker

    “Please forward my thanks to the service staff for sensing my poor interior design choice and taking it upon themselves to correct it.”


  • Rory

    Surely whatever harm the Swedes have done through the creeping imperialism of IKEA by dispelling that dreary, dusty, stuffy gloom that was such a charming integral feature of traditional Irish and British home life before the 80’s has more than been compensated for by the late film director, Ingmar Bergman, who taught us all to reappreciate the necessity of misery for a well integrated and happy home life.

  • joeCanuck

    One of my nieces is the proud owner of what must be N.I.’s most expensive kettle, it being her sole purchase during her latest shopping trip with her pals to Glasgow’s IKEA, via the Larne – Stranraer ferry.
    Now it does boil water reasonably efficiently and has a nicely tuned whistle. Colourful too.
    This new store should reduce her unit costs considerably.

  • George

    IKEA is so 90s, mainland Europe has moved on.

  • Pete Baker


    It’s why they’re talking about the next large blue box being assembled in Dublin..

  • The World’s Gone Mad

    IKEA is so 90s…

    Then it is just ripe for NI in 2007. I remember the excitement when Belfast first got a McDonalds (decades after much of the rest of the world) or the Virgin Megastore in the early 90s.

    As for mainland Europe moving on, there are 3 new stores opening in France in the next couple of months, 2 new stores in Holland, 7(!) new stores in Russia, 2 new stores in Greece, new stores in Portugal, Turkey, Romania, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Serbia and Germany has 41 stores (IKEA’s biggest market).

    For anyone who has suffered the frustration of getting to the warehouse and finding their item out of stock; or getting it home and finding it’s missing a piece; or faced the massive queues at the ‘Returns’ desk; or the non-existant service; the world might be moving on, but not feckin’ fast enough.

  • Dawkins

    “IKEA is so 90s”

    Och, George, not unless they’re selling 90s’ stock and designs in 2008 — which I doubt, but I could be wrong.

  • George

    I’m with the “Ich Kauf Einfach Anderswo” …
    I will simply shop elsewhere… people.

    Especially after they forced the shutdown of

    At least IKEA Hacker is still going…

  • Dewi

    They do nice meatballs and smorgasbord stuff in the canteen mind………….the worst thing about IKEA however is trying to find the Exit – it’s a mystery tour.

  • Prince Eoghan

    Nah Dewi.

    I know the place like the back of my hand, thanks to the obligatory monthly trip to the one in braehied. Which of course is cluttered up with all the busloads of Irish wans(including Joecanucks relations) How the hell do they fit all their gear on the bus? I have a people carrier and we are forever stowed to the gunnel’s. Great link BTW George! I fear I am just providing more work for mysel, but I’ll show it to she who must be obeyed anyway.

    Much of the grub is quite good quality considering the price.

  • Dewi

    PE – just going to pop over there for breakfast….

  • Rory

    The World’s Gone Mad

    You may consider it progress to have a McDonalds open in a town or city but a world that really believes that has most certainly gone mad.

    What on earth do they put in those “burgers”? The minced remains of US Republican politicians caught out in corruption I wouldn’t be surprised to learn.

  • Yokel

    Should Jim Rodgers be allowed to do such a thing?

    Is he qualified to carry out such construction work?

    Get the HSE on it now.