Decommissioned murals…?

How long did you wait for your extension Dierdre?One of the most regular and insightful photographers on the NI Flickr group, is Moochin Photoman, who seems to have picked up a seminal moment in the wake of the end of Operation Banner. The Whiterock Road ‘Slan Abhaile’ (ie ‘safe home’) mural of the Peace Process era is being built, never mind painted, over.

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  • wiseup

    So the SF doublethink on this hits the muriels – ffs, the Brits are still here in their thousands and currently training in the Glens of Antrim, as well as being on the streets of Craigavon last week!
    Nevermind the new MI5 enormo base in North Down.
    The Provos destroyed their weapons with the Brits completely dug in here with no chance of their withdrawl. Can we keep the very streets we live in free of this patently false propaganda about them having gone please? It’s a nonsense.

  • Penelope

    well done moochin.. great capture!!

  • DK

    May be space for a tiny mural on the extension.

    Wonder if they will paint over the bit of the old mural left?

  • Ben

    Meanwhile the “West Bank Loyalists Still Under Seige” mural in Derry has gone the way of redevelopment. I understand the plan is to repaint it on a low wall opposite, but it won’t be the same thing at all. Glad I have the pictures from back when. There’s a piece called “Death of a Mural” by Jonathan McCormick and Neil Jarman on the phenomenon of the passing of murals in the Journal of Material Culture in 2005. Interesting read. Ben