Some detail on that abuse…

The Irish Independent has more detail on the specific abuse that Darren Graham took in the course, primarily, of his senior playing career as the only Protestant playing GAA in Fermanagh.

Darren, who works as a joiner with local firm the Clarke Group, stressed he got on well with those within his own club and with people in his local community. “It just came to a head. Something bad (was said) on the field: ‘You’re a black c***.’ Then another ran by and said: ‘It’s the truth, you’re nothing but that’.”


Mr Graham, whose two-year-old daughter is being raised as a Catholic, said: “I’ve been getting it from opponents and supporters. It’s been happening up through the ranks but not really bad until I got to senior level, when I was 18.

“It’s definitely because I’m a Protestant. No-one else on the pitch would get it half as bad. I’ve been told Protestants shouldn’t be allowed in the GAA. I know it’s a minority, but it’s happening. Everybody knows it, but I never pushed it any higher. What’s the point? Nothing is going to be done about it.”