“dealing with serious and organised crime linked to the activities of the UDA”

According to the BBC Talkback news bulletin, Chief Constable Hugh Orde has called for the funding of the UPRG project to be cancelled following last night’s violence in Bangor which included shots being fired at police. The report mentioned that he was saying that they hadn’t kept their word.. ANYhoo.. from the UTV report, “Police Chief Superintendent Graham Shields today confirmed that the raids carried out by his officers were targeted against criminal activities linked to the loyalist paramilitary group the Ulster Defence Association”

“The fact is the police operation yesterday was aimed at dealing with serious and organised crime linked to the activities of the UDA in the Bangor area and dealing with crimes which are of major concern to the wider community,” said Mr Shields

As I’ve said before, as well as a quick reminder of the previously noted poisonous foundations of The Process™, there is a different school of thought on how to deal with for-profit terrorists..
Adds Haven’t got the full quotes but Orde did say “It’s a matter for government.. but, if you want my personal opinion, I wouldn’t give them 50 pence.” BBC report here Meanwhile From the Deputy First Minister, Sinn Féin’s Martin McGuinness

“I think it is quite clear from the way in which events moved forward that it was organised,” the Sinn Fein MLA said. “So there is a responsibility here on the UDA to recognise that this is unacceptable behaviour and that they have a responsibility to de-escalate situations that may occur within society.”[added emphasis]

Which, in my opinion, misses the point entirely.