Two new muppets for Northern Ireland

As noted some time ago, Sesame Street Workshops, with $1 million from the American Ireland Fund are producing 26 shows to teach tolerance to children in Northern Ireland [toilet training for ursine mammals? – Ed]. The latest news on the project is that there are to be two new muppets added to the cast list specifically for here.. Could they have anyone in particular in mind.. [“Pity about the mountain”, indeed – Ed]btw, in case you missed the memo.. apparently I’m Statler or Waldorf.

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  • Appropriate employment at last for the Cunningham House typing pool.

  • wild turkey

    firstly.. apologies about my comments on CULTURAL CONFUSION IN BENIDORM. got it wrong. it was obviously an early, if doomed, audition for the new cutting edge (or cutting turf) edition of Sesame Street.

    the two puppets? Ian and Martin? Nah too obvious and anyway past their sell by date.

    Children demand something new fresh and lively!

    So, for the two puppets why not distill a composite of some the more consistently CARING AND SHARING folk who habitually post on Slugger? Of course this assumes that the scriptwriters are sophisticated and experienced enough to make allusions to rather than cite explicit episodes and outbreaks of intellectual and political handjobbery.

    character one: Whataboutyoussuns
    character two: Wellwhataboutyoussuns
    name of programme: Sez me Street (or is it Cul de Sac)

    btw and of no particular interest to anyone except the wise 6 and 7 year olds who reside in this family, Elmo has always had our vote.

  • Idea from an episode:

    How about one featuring a character called say…hmmm… Pootsie Bear and his adventures to dip his paws in his very own special, promised by those nice men in London, jar of honey from the middle of the Maze?

    Maybe not.

  • mytriumph

    I think this board was named after what should be the name of one of the NI muppets.

  • free ireland

    Why does Ireland/Ulster need this CIA outfit? America is the world’s main rogue nation. Why subsidise them to pread their noxious spin?

  • wild turkey

    Saoirse Eire


    Sesame street is a CIA front with a long pedigree going back to at least Watergate (listen to the 23 june 1972 Haldeman-Nixon tape for details. its all there)

    Although amerika is a rogue state, it remains quaintly old-fashioned in its misplaced mission to teach pelling to the otherwise politically and culturally astute.


  • joeCanuck


    Marty and the other guy get my vote.

  • Ian

    Anyone remember Armando Iannucci’s Saturday/Friday Night Armistice? They had one sketch involving a Disneyworld-style tourist attraction, only it was the Northern Ireland Theme Park. Visitors would be greeted at the entrance by giant cuddly versions of Ian Paisley and Martin McGuinness. I’d love to get hold of an image of them side-by-side as it seems most apt in this day and age.

    They also had a ‘Mr Tony Blair’ puppet, who looked like Humpty Dumpty with a cheshire cat grin.