Where’s Wullie..?

ALL over the place, apparently. Even though Rev Willie McCrea is holidaying in America – the location of choice for DUP Assemblymen in a spot of bother – trouble is brewing back home. In the News Letter, UUP Sir Reg Empey points out the contradiction in the fundamentalist preacher saying that the IRA has been defeated in an article, then two days later saying Sinn Fein isn’t fit for government. Will the last McCrea critic to leave the room please turn the lights out?

  • billyboy.1690

    Wee Willie is right SF are not fit for government -but what choice do we have? The IRA has not gained what they set out to gain which was a United Ireland – so in what sense is Wee Willie wrong! Have a good rest Willie and may your critics have a good rest too, they need it with all the hot air they release. Think of the environment boys and stop emitting so much gas.

  • Sam Hanna

    Wee Willie has been found stuck on a fence somewhere in Tennessee.

  • Rory (South Derry)

    Does Willie ever remember that this is the Same IRA that had him in a Virtual House arrest situation just of the Moneymore Rd in Magherafelt from 1981 until last year!

    His own kids needed a BRIT escort to go to school!

    Anyway he has got the measure of the Provo’s:-

    (1). Accepting Partition

    (2). Diluting the United Ireland Philosophy

    Still a Wee Orange Cunt who hates catholic’s – Man of God my ass

    More like the leader of Loyalism in Mid Ulster – King (MI5s)Rats Mate!

    Backer of Loyalist Death squads (who shot even a 74 year old woman Annie Mallon)!

  • Billy

    McCrea is and always has been a total hypocrite.

    Man of God – yeah right!

    His half hearted and often non-existent criticism of the murders of innocent Catholics was in total contrast to his vehement outrage directed at the entire Catholic community whenever a Protestant was murdered.

    He was one of those who constantly accused Catholics of “fingering” their Protestant Colleagues who had security force connections.

    Oddly enough, he never had anything to say whenever “loyalist” terrorists walked onto building sites etc then seperated their pre-identified Catholic victims and murdered them. Could any of Willie’s Protestant friends have “fingered” their innocent Catholic colleagues? We don’t know and Willie certainly never accused them.

    And what about his good friend Billy Wright – to this day McCrea has never apologised for sitting on the platform supporting the arch “loyalist” terrorist – King Rat.

    I don’t know why anyone is really surprised about his latest “U-Turn”. He is only being true to his one real loyalty – money.

    I don’t like or agree with Jim Allister but at least he had the courage of his convictions.

    Willie talks the talk (sometimes) but when it comes to walking the walk and losing out financially – fat chance. He’s even got his son in on the act now.

    From a Nationalist point of view, I’m delighted when he gets elected. He is an appalling public speaker and his appearances in Parliament are an embarassment.

    He really shows himself and the DUP backwoodsmen up for what they are.

  • Belfast Gonzo

    Right, we all have our opinions on McCrea, but is there any chance we could lay off the invective and deal with the subject rather than the person.

    There is a contradiction at the heart of McCrea’s two statements, released just two days apart. On the one hand, “the IRA is defeated”, and on the other “SF isn’t fit for government”.

    Given that the DUP complaint in the past has been that SF isn’t fit for government BECAUSE of its (perceived or actual) links to the IRA, if the IRA is now out of the picture, why is SF still not fit for govt?

    What possible obstacle will McCrea raise, if any? More importantly, why? His initial article caused a reasonable stir, as comments here and elsewhere have shown. Was his second statement a hasty reassurance to the troops before heading for sunnier climes? A holding statement possibly, that perhaps inadvertently led to questions regarding his own position on the new dispensation – a government he has so far been content to serve in?

  • Billy


    I don’t think there is any great strategy from McCrea – frankly, he isn’t intelligent enough to have one.

    I believe that McCrea doesn’t think Sinn Fein are “fit for govt”, I don’t think he even likes sharing power with the SDLP.

    However, my analogy with Jim Allister was serious.
    He doesn’t agree with the executive and at least he had the balls to walk away.

    McCrea simply lacks the courage to do likewise.

    His initial statement was ludicrous – as Reg Empey pointed out, McCrea more than anyone else in the DUP came up with a list of preconditions such as the Northern Bank money being returned. This clearly never happened and never will.

    Therefore, McCrea has clearly backed down and has accepted Sinn Fein into govt without them meeting his “conditions”.

    His second statement was even more ludicrous – if Sinn Fein aren’t “fit for govt” why the hell is McCrea sitting on his (well-paid) arse up in Stormont with them?

    He has been exposed as a “man of straw” who compromised his principles for money. Frankly, these contradictory statements just make him look even worse.

    I have nothing in common with the DUP backwoodsmen who are opposed to the current executive. However, I sincerely doubt that they are fooled for one second by McCrea making these statements while taking his salary and sitting in Stormont with a party he apparently finds “not fit for govt”.

  • bertie

    Just on the quetion posed, and leaving aside who has said it,I don’t see the connection. I would have said at the end of the war that the NAZIs were defeated but that their supporters were unfit for governement.

  • bertie

    oops I mean I don’t see the contradiction

  • “Wee Willie has been found stuck on a fence somewhere in Tennessee.”

  • ask the DUP press office – or are they in a spin too?

  • CTN

    1. Lucas will fail just like Bob McCartney in the next elections whether he or a few other nutters defect or not.

    2.McCrea’s position is clear –

    A. The provies are defeated.
    B. Sinn Fein are riff raff.
    C. Whilst SF are unfit for government this deal maximises all unionism could achieve as there is no dilution in British sovereignty and the nationalist community could not be ethnically cleansed, meaning their “riff raff representation” would be in government anyway.
    D. Although being in govt SF have been housetrained by the more powerful DUP……..

  • overhere

    Lads lads I was just tucking into my wheaten soda bread and homemade gooseberry jam with cloves when I read that wee willie had children, being a visual person it took all of my will power to keep the food down.

  • bertie

    I seem to have missed it, but what are his children doing?

  • Sean

    LOL I see house trained by the mighty DUP thats a good one you should try a stage act

  • Quick comment:
    “2.McCrea’s position is clear –
    A. The provies are defeated.”
    The Provos are in government.

    “B. Sinn Fein are riff raff.”

    Agreed. But why has he given them a veto over everything in NI and done a deal that put “riff raff” in gov?

    “no dilution in British sovereignty”

    Cross border bodies. Money from Dublin undermines British sovereignty. No taxation without representation.

  • doire.protastunach

    Good to see that old fashioned bigotry is still alive and kicking in Ulster today. Just back from my holidays and it’s the same old story. On the subject of holidays surely Wee Willie is entitled to his holidays as much as the next man. Just because the media break several stories round about him does this mean that he should not take his holidays? I for one needed my holidays and with the exception of a death in the family very little would have prevented me from taking them. Give the man a break we all need time out sometimes.

    What is all this fuss about him in it for the money? Is he not wealthy enough? Has he not got his fingers in many pies and could live very comfortably without the salary from politics. From what I have read he could survive without having to work again!

    It may take me a few days to settle into life again in Ulster and the views and contradictions voiced by so many – but hey it’s still good to be home!

  • Bigger Picture

    Rory (South Derry)

    You are a disgrace to post that comment,

    “Does Willie ever remember that this is the Same IRA that had him in a Virtual House arrest situation just of the Moneymore Rd in Magherafelt from 1981 until last year!

    His own kids needed a BRIT escort to go to school!”

    Being on the side of the IRA you obviously never had to worry about this threat and secondly the detailed mental anguish that one of McCrea’s daughter’s had in particular, after an IRA attack on their home, has been well documented. To therefore make light of that is disgusting and in fact to bring anyone’s children into a debate is wrong.

    “Still a Wee Orange Cunt”

    Well, says more about your bigotry really.

  • Ginfizz


    A delightful little insight into the mind of the type of people that vote for Martin McGuinness. Chin up though, I’m sure he’ll wave at you out of the back of his ministerial car when he’s next passing through your neck of the woods!

  • lib2016


    As someone who does vote Sinn Fein I’d just like to make it quite clear that I don’t approve of Rory (South Derry) or his comments.

    From earlier posts of his it would seem that Rory dosn’t approve of either Sinn Fein or Martin McGuinness. In any case it’s quite clear that neither would agree with his comments and that they are actively trying to build a peaceful prosperous society here.

    I may disagree now and then with the way Mick (our host) implements his policy about playing the ball rather than the man but there’s no doubt that it’s a good policy.

    This is a disappointing thread, from both sides of the political chasm.

  • realist

    The IRA were defeated- yet they are in Government and jointly governing the 6 counties along with the DUP and overseen by the Dublin Government in partnership with the British Government.

    Willies UDR/B Special/RUC friends would have then won would they not, yet they are gone, just like the Unionist controlled Governments of the past never to return.

    And as Willie said The IRA were defeated, really?

  • Rory (South Derry)

    Bigger Picture

    The so-called Attack on his home?

    Not one of the Tramps family were in the house on the night – rather at a free P Prayer meeting!

    2 stray shots – not much of an attack?

    As for the comments on playing the ball rather than the man – Does this mean you want to go back to the days of state censorship – Arn’t we all entitled to our Views you Provo Tramps?

  • CTN

    Hi Sean- the stage act I’ll leave to Adams who talks of MRSI instead of MRSA bugs, places his own electoral candidates in the wrong constituencies and then gets crippled by the unelectable Michael McDowell all during his party’s most important election, or maybe I’ll give it to McGuinness the man that predicted SF would trebling it’s seats down south.

    Hanson the executive does not take charge of the armed forces, and has very limited fiscal responsibility/latitude and is widely regarded as a local council.

    An odd donation from Dublin is not akin to joint sovereignty in any meaningful way as the DUP minister for finance will oversee how it is allocated.

    The cross-border bodies are pathetic dealing with animal health and sewerage inter alia.

    All of these bodies exist throughout the world between nations in areas of mutual co-operation.

    In this case these meaningless bodies are accountable to the DUP dominated executive…

  • CTN

    The question here guys isn’t if the IRA were outflanked what are they doing in government?

    The question is that as McGuinness/Adams were cleaned out at the negotiations- why would any sane unionist object to having a toothless disarmed humiliated republican movement administer british rule into perpetuity?

    The answer is- its Prod v Super Prod electoral politiking- and most of these disputes are coming exclusively from discredited fundys or individuals who have had personality clashes with the doc….

  • CTN,
    “The question is that as McGuinness/Adams were cleaned out at the negotiations”

    That is an opinion. Not a fact.

    “why would any sane unionist object to having a toothless disarmed humiliated republican movement administer british rule into perpetuity?”

    1. They may not be disarmed. Like a certain Unionist politician I will only believe the IRA has disarmed “when I se it”.
    2. They are not “humiliated”. They jointly head the government of N.I. and have a veto over all political deals. Does Mary look humiliated?
    3. They do not “administer British rule”. They are tactically engaged in the process to further the cause of a united Ireland. And N.I. is under joint authority. Do you seriously believe that any decision is taken by the Westminster gov relating to N.I. in which Bettie is not consulted? And with P attacking “squatters” and talking about fighting Brown not Dublin I’m sure the Provos can hardly believe their ears.

    “why would any sane unionist object to having” the IRA in gov? 30 years of terror and 3,000 dead bodies.

    Object to the argument. DO NOT attempt to caricature political opponents as bigots.

  • Sean

    DUP dominared executive…

    LOL you really are living in an alternative universe arent you

    the mutual veto means specifically that no one dominates the executive lol

  • CTN

    Hi Sean- I’ll count the numbers for you DUP 5, SF 4, UUP 2, SDLP 1.

    Including the Junior ministries the DUP have more ministers than the other parties.

    Jointly the Unionists dominate the executive 7 to 5.

    You have been so busy laughing youve got your sums wrong…

    Hanson- SF are sitting in Stormont the unionists aren’t sitting in Dublin- fact not opinion.

    According to the Decommisioning body & the appointed independent unionists who witnessed its oversight the provies destroyed their weapons- fact not opinion.

    Many founding members of the Provisional movement have walked away accusing McGuinness/Adams of treachery or incompetence they look and feel humiliated- fact not opinion.

    Westminister is sovereign and Stormont is subservient to it ergo SF administer UK rule- fact not opinion.

    Bertie has no executive role in Westminister or Stormont and the 26 Co State has no executive influence or sovereign control of the northern state, in fact it is seperated by a large border which you will find on any political map of Ireland- fact not opinion.

    My statement of facts does not include a further statement that those opposed to my opinions are bigots- this is entirely your mischievous spin…

  • Bigger Picture


    I can personally say that your phrase

    “most of these disputes are coming exclusively from discredited fundys or individuals who have had personality clashes with the doc….”

    Is spot on in relation to quite a number of people on this site eg Hanson how is Ivan Foster doing these days??

    And on to Hanson

    ” They do not “administer British rule”. They are tactically engaged in the process to further the cause of a united Ireland. And N.I. is under joint authority.”

    Now Sammy you just know that this is not true. The devolved admin is from a statute of Parliament and to label that as joint authority is absurd. Devolved matters are handed to the Assembly and they have total rule over them. NSMC is for areas of cooperation but it does not have a rule over the Assembly or NI. I don’t mind you expressing your views but lets not talk nonsense either.


    You are a disgrace to this site and anyone who has the misfortune to know you. You have no right to make light of any attack especially the mental grief that innocent children went through as a result. Instead your response is to call them “tramps” and describe Willie McCrea as a “wee orange cunt”. Please show some respect because you will never win this argument.

    You obviously think alot about yourself how about you be the big lad and say these things publicly instead of hiding behind a computer screen.

  • hib

    The St Andrew’s agreement enshrines British rule in Ireland.

    The six co. state is ran by a unionist majority complete with union jacks, british military and with former rebels allowed into govt on the basis the behave like good brits.

    The IRA weapons are gone according to De Chastelain and other witnesses- but not the loyalist weapons!!

    All this garbage that the provies are on a united Ireland project doesn’t add up with the weakness of the assembly controlled cross border bodies and the electoral retreat of SF in the 26 Co’s.

    They’d be lucky to get the Irish language act implemented.

    In Dublin the Shinners are losing members and votes hand over fist- all due to their leadership’s duplicity and criminality on the ground by provie fat cats.

    Anyone who thinks SF are goin anywhere under their current leadership is in dreamland!

  • DK

    I suppose Rory South Derry was also overjoyed at the children of Holy cross needing a brit escourt to get to school. Or maybe it was his loyalist equivalent – sometimes the sectarian types are so hard to tell apart.

  • CTN

    Some people can access a computer and start taking a hand out of other bloggers- other people can come home with a few on them and get carried away.

    Rory you have caused offence- but it will blow over in time- the best thing to do is return under a new blog name.

    I’m sure many bloggers think of political opposites as “Fenian” or “Orange” f’s, b’s and c’s all day but never actually publish it as it brings the whole blog culture into the sewer.

    It’s hard for those affected by the conflict to care about how “the other side” feel, and easy for those not affected to preach about tolerance or forgiveness but we cannot be drawn in this type of hateslinging or threatening behaviour, so lets put it behind us and be civil,

    At times when I replied to some bloggers I have thought I was replying to a mainstream SF supporter only to find out later in the week they were DUP dissidents- you don’t know who you are dealing with so it makes more sense not to get too over the top…..

  • Rory (South Derry)


    I live in South Derry an area scourged by loyalist death squads over the years who were cheered on by the DUP and very publically by Willie McCrea.

    McCrea was involved in the Third Force – Ulster Workers Strike, 1986 Anti Anglo Agreement Days of Protest all activities that were designed to trood on the Catholic community and he made no apologies for the fact!

    Some may call me a disgrace – But I tell you that McCrea is a deplorable Individual with the Blood of many Innocent Nationalists in Mid Ulster on his conscience!

    I make no apologies for my hatred towards McCrea and as for Families he had no respect for the families of any dead republican Activist!

    He has been pigeonholed and in an attempt to not lose faith with the Bibble bashing free Ps who attend his Prayer meetings he resorts to saying that the IRA was defeated! BIG BRAVE ACTION!

    The Provo leadership are in bed with him now but Irish Republicanism will have its day again – Hasn’t it in every generation?

    As for hiding behind a computer if anyone wants to speak face to face just say?

  • CTN

    I know all about what you are talking about Rory, but this is not the correct venue for anyone using insults or threats to you or you to anyone else.

    Some of the lingo used in this thread has been O.T.T. and we need to chill out a bit, remembering most people think us bloggers are space cadets.

    We have to keep high standards when it comes to tolerance and debates, remembering all sides and none who use this site are part of a greater blogging community.

    Whether we like it or not we owe each other a duty of care not to make threats or personal insults in this forum.

    Its like a pub, better not to have a problem with someone but if we do leave we the nasty stuff outside- otherwise the blogging culture becomes polluted….

  • CTN

    Callin it a day with this thread doods – talk again…