Symbols taking precedence over financial reality?

The Assembly Committee for Culture Arts and Leisure have interrupted their summer recess to quiz the Minister, the DUP’s Edwin Poots, on progress on the proposals for a multi-sports stadium. The key question to be addressed, I’d suggest, is whether as the Finance Minister, Peter Robison said, “I will look at the business case that’s available,” or whether as the Committee chair, Sinn Féin’s Barry McElduff, argues – echoing an earlier statement from Edwin Poots – “The notion of a shared stadium is central to the notion of a shared future.” Additionally, is that particular flag-ship project an appropriate central notion to be pursuing.. is a symbolic shared future a priority over grass-roots reality.. regardless of the financial viability? Added belowFrom the BBC report

Mr Poots told the committee that consultants had begun work on a final business plan.

This would focus on a number of options including an economic appraisal of the Maze proposal, the “virtual Belfast” option and a cost analysis of refurbishing existing sporting venues.

Ah yes.. let’s get the consultants in..

Adds Statement by Edwin Poots, MLA, Minister for Culture, Arts and Leisure