Two in court on “terrorism charges”

Not much detail on this yet, but UTV are reporting that “two men have appeared in court in Northern Ireland [Ballymena Magistrates Court] on terrorism charges.”.. of the local variety, I’d suggest. It appears to be connected to searches conducted by “a newly formed tactical crime unit” on Wednesday. Adds And on the subject of terrorism..


  • Ian

    Would Ballymena fall into the catchment area of the South East Antrim Brigade’s ‘patch’ or that of North Antrim / East Londonderry’?

  • k

    It’s McFarland’s / N.Antrim’s patch.

  • Ian

    Cheers. The arrests were in Ballymena and in Larne (Fisher’s / SE Antrim patch). I had wondered if the cops were playing “good thug/bad thug”.