“on a proper financial basis in the first instance”

The Minister for Culture, Arts and Leisure, the DUP’s Edwin Poots, has denied being “got at” by party colleagues [After legal advice on the prospects for a judicial review? – Ed] over the proposals for a multi-sports stadium at the Maze site, as previously noted here.. although several of his party colleagues have made public statements. But has the Minister altered his previously stated criteria for any decision on a stadium?From the statement to the BBC by Mr Poots

He added that the location of a stadium would ultimately be made “on a proper financial basis in the first instance”.

However, as previously noted

.. when he set out the criteria, in an official statement, which any alternative proposal would have to meet there was a subtle, but telling, difference.

“Any alternative location needs to be delivered in time, to be supported by the Governing Bodies of the three sports, Soccer, Rugby and Gaelic, be economically viable and most importantly, be consistent with the wider Government objectives of a Shared Future.[added emphasis]

“What I am being asked to do is to stop or overturn a decision which was made two years ago to locate the Multi-Sports Stadium at the Maze/Long Kesh. However, I cannot stop a process unless I am given viable alternatives.

“To date none of the alternatives discussed with me have demonstrated that they can satisfy the criteria.”

Is that no longer the most important criteria for the Minister? And does the Maze proposal meet the “proper financial basis” criteria?