Difficult job finally rewarded…

QUOTE of the week goes to the community psychiatric nurse in the Co Down who recalled one shocking home visit in a Royal College of Nursing study on nurses working alone. She said: “I asked the client when his problems started, to which he replied ‘Earlier in the year when I killed my wife’.” Today, nurses have something to be more cheerful about – the Assembly Health Minister has announced a long-awaited 2.5% pay rise for them.

  • 2.5% Plus the rest plz

    Hurrah Hurrah – just a shame those nasty little water and sewerage charges will suck that all up.

  • wages

    How is this being paid for?

  • Harry Flashman

    They’re giving a pay rise to nurses?

    What, those women who spend their days in those glass cubicles at the end of corridors drinking tea, eating toast, chatting on their mobiles and infecting their patients while watching underpaid immigrants slop dirty mops around filthy toilets and under sick people’s beds?


    (Oh sorry we’re supposed to believe they are hardworking, conscientious angels is that it?).

  • ciaran

    After seeing the treatment my father received in the year before his death, and the fact that my sister is a nurse, I think this 2.5% is an insult to the nurses.It will bring them nowhere near the salaries our mla’s are receiving( in excess of £40,000). And yet they have to work unsocial hours and all through the summer( no recess for them).
    Harry I saw nurses understaffed on full wards with acute patients needing constant care with hardly time to go to the toilet let alone sit and drink tea as you suggest.

  • Alan Law

    Harry “their patients while watching underpaid immigrants slop dirty mops around filthy ”

    Unfortunate and untrue. All staff in NI Health Service receive AFC rates. Not always to my liking, but immigrants don’t get less. That would be illegal.

    My mum has just left Musgrave Park, I can’t begin to commend the professionalism and high standards of care she received. Gold award goes to the young male nurse on the HDU ward. A real credit to his profession.

  • nick p.

    2.5% is a shite pay increase