Woodward makes an offer Gordon might not be happy with…!

“THERE is no more money in the kitty,” the new Secretary of State, Shaun Woodward, told Northern Ireland yesterday. But then he said: “A very good settlement was agreed with the Chancellor and the Government in Northern Ireland – £51 billion over three years – which I am sure has given to the Executive here certainty which I am sure the Scottish Executive look at greenly.” They certainly will, as Gordon Brown had told us it was £50 billion over 10 years! (The odd billion was from the Irish anyway.) Perhaps not the best way to impress the boss, but when you’re a multi-millionaire like the SoS, it must be hard to keep up with all those zeroes. If our politicians start demanding the money in three years, perhaps Mr Woodward will have to start feeding them the stuff I’ve been using (pictured left) to keep Baby Gonzo quiet!

  • Dewi

    Scottish Executive look at “greenly” – Not a phrase I’m familiar – is it like “green with envy” ?

  • Gonzo, why have you linked to a picture of the Alliance Party’s entire Youth Wing?

    Maybe a verbally flatulent octogenarian could do with David Ford giving him gripe water at First Minister’s Question Time. And it’s alcohol free.

  • parcifal

    How about quitting the scrounging, the brit taxpayer has been subsidising the mad paddies in da Nort long enough.
    F*uck off and work it out yourselves, enough pampering.