Keeping order

A little exchange in the Dail has been flaged up in this thread. I think it’s worth highlighting.

  • Cruimh
  • who is tarhead ?

    This fine upstanding gentleman.

  • Cruimh

    Scary! Very scary!

  • Rapunsel

    Keep up Michael, this exchange took place on Tuesday past and was covered in all it’s glory on the RTE Radio 1 drive timeshow.

  • Token Dissent

    Cheers for highlighting this one Michael, it has given me a lunch time snigger. If only they would look North for evidence of how a mature democracy behaves!

  • páid


    though one of your persuasion can be excused for not spelling Dáil correctly, a NI politico has no excuse for ‘flaged’. 🙂

  • sammaguire

    No fear of “tarhead” making such a spelling error Paid (sorry don’t know how to do fadas!). Then again “flaged” might be the North Down pronunciation. Similar to their Dublin 4 cousins…apologies to Ringsend.

  • sammaguire

    Just Googled your name Michael…I was right!! Ha Ha!! Good night!

  • CTN

    Dunno if that’s tarhead but I heard Dumbo Snodaigh referred to as “wooden top”