Sinn Féin come to terms with partition?

With conflicting views being expressed from within the party on the reasons behind Sinn Féin’s poor Irish General Election performance, the party leader Gerry Adams has repeated his opinion that the party’s expectations were unrealistically high – whilst now acknowledging that “the party vote fell in some crucial areas” – and, while stating that the internal analysis will continue, he has been making some suggestions as to how the party, north and south, will attempt to address the problems

He said: “Sinn Fein is an Ireland party, operating in two jurisdictions, with their own political cultures and different political realities that have developed since partition. What we are attempting to do is unprecedented. We need to build republicanism in both parts of Ireland, making it relevant to the political conditions in which they live while at the same time winning support for an end to partition.”

It could be seen as a tacit acceptance of Anthony McIntyre’s analysis – but what does it mean for any single Party policy?