No prosecutions to follow Finucane collusion probe…

THERE isn’t enough evidence to charge any police officers or soldiers with involvement in the murder of Pat Finucane, the Prosecution Service revealed today. Collusion investigator Lord Stevens has already established how the state collaborated with loyalist terrorists in the lawyer’s murder, but no-one will be prosecuted. While republicans will see this as another whitewash to cover up state involvement in the political murder of a nationalist, it will be interesting to see what practical help a mainstream Republican Movement which shares the Government’s aim of airbrushing history can offer Mr Finucane’s family.Update:

Here are some quotes from the third Stevens Inquiry report of 2003.

I have uncovered enough evidence to lead me to believe that the murders of Patrick Finucane and Brian Adam Lambert could have been prevented. I also believe that the RUC investigation of Patrick Finucane’s murder should have resulted in the early arrest and detection of his killers.

I conclude there was collusion in both murders and the circumstances surrounding them. Collusion is evidenced in many ways. This ranges from the wilful failure to keep records, the absence of accountability, the withholding of intelligence and evidence, through to the extreme of agents being involved in murder.

The unlawful involvement of agents in murder implies that the security forces sanction killings.

My three Enquiries have found all these elements of collusion to be present. The co-ordination, dissemination and sharing of intelligence were poor. Informants
and agents were allowed to operate without effective control and to participate in terrorist crimes. Nationalists were known to be targeted but were not properly warned or protected. Crucial information was withheld from Senior Investigating Officers. Important evidence was neither exploited nor preserved.

My enquiries with regard to satisfying the test for prosecution in relation to possible offences arising out of these matters are continuing.

Now it seems that test for prosecution will not be passed.

  • Prince Eoghan

    Do you reckon it was Oswald though, or was he a Patsy?

    >>They also had a man easily fire the appropriate number of shots in the appropriate time.<

  • Dewi

    You are a terrible self-publicist ;¬) However I must admit to enjoying it once I’d turned the sound down.

    Prince – for that sarky comment u have to watch my Athenry – it’s even worse !


    Norman Mailer’s book Oswald is worth reading, and yes I saw the same documentary which pretty much proved it was non magic bullet, and well within the realms of feasibility.

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    Don’t know if you can hear the sirens yet, but it will be the music polis, with Trinny and Susanna on their heels ;¬)

    Good on ye pal! Keep up the good work, God loves a trier. I bet you like crowded house stuff as well, better be home soon and all that. It’s our Celtic blood running through our veins, makes us all sentimental.

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  • Thanks, Prince Eoghan, for your careful, but fulsome responses about me, and my work.

    For my ideas about the JFK assassination, consult this link about the William King Harvey, the CIA ‘Executive Action’ Director – and while you are at it, be sure to read the one about Peter Wright, the Soviet spy who made the CIA so rabid about killing Castro that when the conspiracy ultimately failed, it assassinated JFK instead:

    If you want more, read my articles about DCI Richard Helms who made the Dallas assassination possible, and Soviet defector Anatoly Golitsyn, who backed up what Wright was attempting to foment, on the same link by using its search mechanism.

    They all used to be on the Trowbridge Archive but it has recently disappeared. I guess the site’s administrator just cannot keep track of all the articles I am supplying.

    As for Oswald, he was a wannabe Marine, recruited by the CIA to kill Krushchev after his alleged defection, but when this didn’t work out, and he returned to the States, the mind-control people at the Agency, especially Dr. Sidney Gottlieb, and Dr. George White, at Harvey’s direction, tried too quickly to program him to kill JFK as a ‘Manchurian Candidate’, and when Oswald rejected this programming, he was set up as the patsy for the Dallas assassination.

    In sum, while Mailer’s book is the pits, Eoghan, you are certainly a prince.

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    Thank you Mr. Ford!

    The seekers of truth and their eclectic interests are to the benefit of us all, even if we don’t always appreciate/realise it.