Northern Star – redux

Good to see Jocelyn Bell Burnell being justly rewarded for her part in Pluto’s downfall [*ahem* – Ed]. Perhaps the Beeb could use that as an excuse to give the excellent Nothern Star they screened on Wednesday a wider airing [In Wiltshire perhaps? – Ed] rather than, you know, hiding it away in a dusty archive. Red Mum has a glowing review of the programme, which I can only agree with, and she’s right about that uncomfortable silence. ANYhoo.. Until the Beeb do something with the programme.. you can listen to a 1998 recording of Dame Jocelyn talking about her work here [RealPlayer audio] Adds Or alternatively, via the Bath University public lecture podcasts, Dame Jocelyn talks about her hobby, poetry. [24.5Mb mp3 file]