Some tweaks needed to electoral process…

The Electoral Commission has issued its report (PDF, full version here) on the March Assembly elections. Noel MacAdam highlights a number of headline issues, namely the redundancy of polling agents and the support for a change in legislation to prevent the kind of multiple candidacies we saw last time out. Some of it we reported back in March.

  • joeCanuck

    “support for a change in legislation”

    I’m surprised that they made that statement since the question as to multiple candidacies is a political one which is outside of the Commission’s Remit.
    Their justification was to remove the media’s confusion as to whether or not a pre-nominated substitute could take the seat in case of a resignation or if a by-election would be required. Earlier in the relevant paragraph,however, they said that the confusion had been removed by the NIO! It would require a by-election.
    Of more concern to me, should I still be residing over there, is the situation whereby a person can sit in 3 (4?) houses and be on a council too.
    Have we had that discussion on Slugger previously?