Hain to launch ‘dealing with the legacy’ review

According to the UTV report, the Secretary of State for Wales, etc, Peter Hain has decided that we have to “deal with the legacy of the Troubles.” What he actually means by that isn’t exactly clear as there’s not a lot of detail, but the report claims that the NIO have confirmed that an independent review of how we do that is expected to last 18 months.. In the meantime, no doubt, we’ll be expected to twiddle our thumbs not to ask stupid questions. Or it could just be a question of, belatedly, seeking agreement for the plans for the 20th Century by-pass.. Adds There’s very little detail here either, but there is a quote.And that quote is

A Northern Ireland Office source said: “There’s no question of government trying to impose solutions because that would not work and we have to see if we can reach a consensus on how we deal with the past.”

He said the initiative, covering the 30 years of conflict and expected to take 18 months, would take into account all views.

Bit late to be denying trying to impose solutions.. and now the second report claims it’s to be an “independent rethink on how to deal with unsolved murders during the Troubles.” Wasn’t that supposed to be the job of the Historical Enquiries Team?