Mansion House cancelled: deal over…

We’ve just heard that the Greens have cancelled the meeting for Sunday… deal over

Update: Harry doesn’t think it’s done and dusted.… and Pete points to an interesting last line in Sargent’s communique…

“We remain committed to forming a government and will continue to explore all avenues with this in mind. However the current deal on offer is not sufficient and will not best serve the interests of our country”


  • Frank Sinistra

    Not necessarily, negotiations can run up to the wire on Thursday. If there is no government formed then they all return to negotiation but at that stage Labour have indicated they will enter play as potential FF partners.

    Worth noting the current situation would allow a technical group to form with SF.

  • jerryp

    I think this weekend could be the last one Pat Rabbitte will have off for a long time !

  • Crataegus

    Convention organised but leader pulls the plug before the party members can decide. Very odd.

  • Aquifer

    Seems that FF were not serious about tackling climate change and traffic congestion etc. Must be having trouble with their roadbuilding faction.

  • Crataegus

    But the question is who exactly decided to pull the Green team out? Was it those negotiating or was it the leader?

    We must also bear in mind the leaders previous commitment not to lead the party into government with FF. So a deal would have required a new leader. Is there a measure of self interest in the decision?

    Or is this a tactic to tighten the screws on FF and will negotiations resume after Thursday?

    Are Greens taking the view that Bertie is about to disappear as leader?

    So where does this take us FF + Labour eventually or another election?

  • curious

    Ahern turns to the old reliables as Greens quit

    Taoiseach talking to Harney – No contact with Labour
    By Gene McKenna and Senan Molony
    Saturday June 09 2007

    TAOISEACH Bertie Ahern has turned back to the PDs and Independents in a bid to form a government following last night’s dramatic collapse of talks with the Greens