Betfair says it will be a FF/Green/PD government…

For those of you still following the horse trading in the Republic, the market on the next government combo over at Betfair seems to be coming down fairly decisively for the multi-party heaven of Fianna Fail, the Greens and the Progressive Democrats, where it is about 1/2 on (8/15 to be accurate). The next favoured option sitting at 7/2 is for the Greens without the PDs. Or if you want to bank on things going belly up by the end of the week when any prospective deal will need to be rubber stamped by the Greens conference, you can get 7/1 on an alternative arrangement with Labour.


  • Brian Boru

    Intriguingly, a 2/3rds majority of members is needed to pass a Coalition agreement. Would be interested to hear from any Green members if they think it will pass.

  • Slugger O’Toole Admin

    From what I understand, a considerable amount of prep has been done beforehand. The negotiation team is fairly clear on what size and shape of a deal they will need to get it to pass muster.


    The more far-sighted among us have been predicting this since results day Mick ;¬)

  • Mick Fealty

    Many’s a slip… Urq…

  • RTE 2FM’S Joke of the day this morning was:

    ” I see the Greens and Sinn Fein have decided to form a coalition and go into Government. They have decided to call themselves Guns n’Roses…”

    Dont blame me folks…

  • northsider

    The craziness of PR once more reveals itself. I would take the first past the post system every time, flaws and all, rather than see cults (the l is a typo) like the repulsive, execrable Greens in government.

    I think politics and religion should be separate. Same as science and religion. The Greens are a mucus blend of all three.

  • Cato

    I still think FF/Lab is where the smart money is!

  • Cato


    Environmentalism is not a religion but an issue and since most politicians in Northern Ireland and many in the South have campaigned on one issue over the last eighty-five years, it’s a bit unfair to attack parties with an arguably uneven focus on one issue.

  • northsider

    Environmentalists would leave the developing world in squalor, famine and penury. Those Green Nazis now lecturing to the rest of us on how many short-haul flights we may take, what cars we can drive, what food we can discard and how many breaths a day we can exhale are the successors to the intellectual movements horrified at the turn of the 20 century by the rise in working classes through the industrial revolution.

    Those individuals, sickened by the assertiveness of the industrial masses – as they then termed them – sought ways to control them.

    They chose eugenics – which, funnily enough, you don’t hear about much these days.

    Furthermore, they glorified the simple peasant working the land, free from electricity, clean water or proper sewerage.

    Pretty much as the Greens idolise those in the developing world free from all of the benefits of an industrial society but burdened with the fatal drawback of the Green’s Edenic pre-industrial idyll: disease, high infant mortality, squalor…

  • Brian Boru

    “I still think FF/Lab is where the smart money is!”

    Wrong Cato. I think there remains some bad blood over 1994 and anyway, the price of Coalition with a 20 seat party would be too high e.g. 5 Cabinet positions and countless junior ministries denied to FF to close the deal. I expect either FF-PD-Green or FF-PD-Ind.

  • Northsider


    that is why I don’t want this Scientology-like cult anywhere near the levers of power.

  • Cormac


    I don’t mind the Greens that much. They’re basically SF-lite (but with a whiff of cammomile) – ie good local politicians, with one or two good policies (troops out of Shannon for one) but should never be allowed near the Finance portfolio. They’ll only ever be tacked onto a coalition anyway.

    I understand what you mean about ecology as a religion. It’s a science (or more correctly an application of science) but god help you if you try and question global warming… normally when new data is sourced, relevant scientific models are adjusted and we move on with the new conclusions. Global warming has, however, become almost a religion – believe in it or you are either an irresponsible nut or deliberately trying to rape the Earth to line your own pockets. This is dangerous. I can’t remember the last time I questioned mad-made global warming to my (normally reasonable) friends without it turning into a shouting match. Much safer to stick with religion and politics! 🙂

  • prolefodder

    Cormac and northsider – have either of you actually read what the Greens stand for – as opposed to what you think they stand for? They’ve been in power in a number of European countries – Finland and Germany for example – and guess what… those societies have not (at least as far as I’m aware) been plunged back into the pre-modern dark ages northside ignorantly suggests. Cormac – global warming as a religion- oh please give us a break – over 2,000 scientists (not scientologists!) have stated its a fact – are you saying they are religious-inspired nutters? Or what of the world’s largest reinsurance company Swiss Re – acording to its website “Climate change is a core issue for Swiss Re and an important element in the company’s long-term strategy. Climate change has the potential to significantly shift global weather patterns, thereby strongly affecting the number and severity of natural catastrophes, and, in turn, the entire insurance industry”. Are you seriously claiming this major corporation is also beguiled and infected with some religious view of climate change?! Please guys, lie down and lets have a conversation about what to do about climate change instead of wasting time…!