Another reason to review that “barmy” structure

We’ll have to wait to see whether the briefing on Gordon Brown’s intentions, as noted by the BBC’s Freedom of Information blog, is accurate [although the Beeb are not always so enthusiastic about FoI requests – Ed] and likewise for the Irish Government’s intention to extend similar legislation to An Garda Siochana. But while it still applies to the Assembly, the Belfast Telegraph’s David Gordon will continue to use it to get otherwise unattainable information. The key to the apparently exorbitant cost per head of population compared with the rest of the UK is, of course, something that has been highlighted here before.. but I think most people would be surprised at getting a “resettlement allowance” of £15,908 after less than 2 months as a public representative.For what it’s worth.. the fault appears to lie with the legislation where, from what I can gather, the resettlement allowance is calculated – as set out in the Allowances to Members of the Assembly Act (Northern Ireland) 2000 – based on the table in the Schedule to the Act.. where the lowest level set is 50% of an Assembly member’s salary immediately before the dissolution..