“For all his divisiveness, he electrified Irish politics.”

Harry Magee on the resignation of Michael McDowell… Bertie’s just said, “…it’s a tough night for all politicians… regardless of whether they are for Fianna Fail or any other party…” He says they have been out canvassing since September… It was the Debate that won it… ‘we you get the opportunity to spend half an hour to explain it (the Irish economy)… Name check Thomas Byrne… Lots of reference to the internet… big pitch for the youth… And on the Tanaiste, “I’m sorry for Michael that his party’s campaign was not better…”


  • It could be said that the PDs provided the drive behind ‘Bertie’s Ireland’ and with interest we all look as to what next in terms of partnerships.

    But McDowell had a catalogue of errors, unfortunately some of which were just too recent to be forgotten with the passing of time and that is what un-did him in the end.

    His no-nonsense over Sinn Fein’s antics involving bird watching in Colombia and army council denial was impressive given the historical context of Irish politics which likely left him vulnerable to being criticised as unconventional and thus unpopular for such stances.

    He has fallen but his frank talking has not been without consequences for his ‘bird watching’ pals, whom he had set straight when they went on economic flyabouts into state bankruptcy territory, as they too seem to have landed on similar barren ground.

  • No-one more glad than the shinners to see McDowell go.
    What a thorn in their side he was. lol

  • páid

    Well the Shinners will dance on his grave, but I’m sorry to see him go.

    1. He stopped the pregnant nigerian ‘take me to the coombe’ nonsense.

    2. He called the colombian stuff right.

    3. He gave the guards a kick-in-the-arse

    4. He also raised the question about a certain necessity for inequality in society in order to stimulate wealth creation.
    This could have been the start of an interesting debate about the relationship between creation and distribution of wealth but, oh no, we’re too thick for that.

    OK he died yesterday, but he did not die the coward’s 1000 deaths.