Turn out rises in middle class areas…

If there has been an underperformance on the part of Sinn Fein, it may largely be connected with a rise in turn out in areas outside the working class areas where they’ve built their core support.


  • They may lose their Louth seat. Mary-Lou isn’t looking too good either in her attempt to get into the Dáil.

  • Its up and downs for SF. Mary Lou is in trouble but there has been a massive vote for SF in Donegal North East (32%) going by RTE’s initial tallies. They have also polled 22% in Meath West and RTE are now predicting that they could spring a surprise by taking that seat. I would predict at this stage 8-9 seats perhaps. A rise of 4-5.

  • The warning with the data from any of these tallies is that RTE’s current tallies are based upon 20-45% of boxes opened which still leaves a lot of room for fluctuation, either way…

  • Pounder

    Is this a massive mobilisation in the Pimms and Coke brigade to send a message that Sinn Fein isn’t welcome in their area’s?

  • willis

    That’s the sort of military establishment I might consider!