Politics.ie: McDowell out on the next round…

David Cochrane beats RTE to the ‘inevitable’ conclusion…

McDowell is 1100 votes behind Gormley, yet only 950 votes remain to be transferrered, thus he is certain to be eliminated in the next count. Foregone conclusion.

Then: Looks like the twitter text I sent out a few minutes ago was read out by a pundit on RTE Radio 1. Worth bookmarking to hear if there is any official acknowledgement of that!!!

H/T, to the ever vigilant SuperSoupy!!


  • SuperSoupy

    I’m going to post him the last issue of Daily Ireland to read in his retirement, maybe a few articles by Frank Connolly.


    He’s nothing if consistently inconsistent.

    So long and good night.

  • Tkmaxx

    perhaps you should not be so premature – he may go but they are going to eliminate Jim O Callaghan now and this will now go to the wire.

  • SuperSoupy

    O’Snodaigh under real pressure for SF?

  • parcifal

    perhaps his karma ran over his dogma 😉

  • parcifal

    the belfast telegraph have picked up on it


    McDowell facing elimination as fifth count to begin

  • Tkmaxx

    If he goes he goes- thats life

  • SuperSoupy

    PDs gone:

    Michael McDowell
    Liz O’Donnell
    Fiona O’Malley
    Mae Sexton

    A party destroyed.

  • IJP

    You can add Parlon to that SuperSoupy, although I wouldn’t rule out O’Malley in Limerick just yet.

    But your own party leader has just rightly reminded RTÉ that he lost his own seat once and came back, and that is what SF will need to do. The PDs may yet be only one seat behind, you know, so there’s no reason they couldn’t either.

  • SuperSoupy

    Forgot to say:

    Good feckin’ riddance. Shut the door after ye.

  • parcifal

    will there be a dry part of the hanky I wonder

  • SuperSoupy


    Now APNI are the strongest ‘Liberal’ force on the island. Enforce your will 😉

  • Roisin

    [i]A party destroyed.[/i]

    Tragic, my heart bleeds for them.

  • ingram

    super duper,

    quote A party destroyed. unquote

    A bit like Republicanism. LOL

  • SuperSoupy

    Interesting stuff from the bookie on how politicians have tried to load the market to ‘retain credibility’.

  • IJP


    Very good! 🙂

    Yes, my own politics were once described, arguably quite aptly, as “Enforced Liberalism”!

  • Comrade Stalin

    irishelection.com reporting “McDowell resigns from public life”, can’t see it anywhere else yet. Is this a hoax ?

  • SuperSoupy

    Martin Manseragh in. Glad to hear it, worked hard for us all.

  • parcifal

    super its very good coverage all-round on the rte election site.
    Just to make a wider point.. I think Aherne’s win will be good for Republicanism, he’s developed enormous trust with the DUP, they trust and like him.. so long as he carries on gently offering friendship to unionists, as well as putting up money for motorways and such, the charm offensive continues.
    With the rise in English and Scottish Nationalism partition in Ireland is sure to end.
    I’m betting that if not the next gen election in the UK , then the one after, the tories will stand on the ticket of an english parliament solely for england. So 2016 could be about right for Irish Unity.

  • Comrade Stalin

    McDowell has just said on RTE that he’s bowing out of politics, confirming the irishelection.com blog ..

  • GavBelfast

    He’s just gone and is resigning (from public life) on RTE One.

    Well, it was interesting. He’s leaving the RDS now.

  • SuperSoupy

    McDowell’s rejection speech, didn’t you shed a wee tear…or just laugh at him.

    If Des O’M was dead he’d be wishing he was buried deeper.

    Thank feck we won’t haven’t to listen to those right wing scum bags again.


  • middle-class taig

    Fascinating day. Stunned at just how conservative our society really is.

    No more whingeing from republicans, please. Let those who wish to gloat do so. Republicans have had their days in the sun; now republicans must regroup manfully and in a dignified fashion, and recover from this disappointment. Imagine how the noble Joe Higgins is feeling.

    McDowell has brightened my evening immeasurably. Every cloud…

  • tra g

    “McDowell’s rejection speech, didn’t you shed a wee tear…or just laugh at him.”

    Obviously time to hang up the Blue shirt 🙂

  • SuperSoupy


    This day isn’t over yet. (but FF win big)

    The main thing coming out from today is the trust most put in FF. That machine is a sight to behold, I almost hope they get an absolute majority so they stand on the outcome alone next time instead of the PDs being the sacrificial cow.

  • Token Dissent

    Even thought he is a neo-liberal fundamentalist, I shall miss McDowell’s ability to get under the Shinners’ skin.

  • Roisin

    Looks like he got under his own supporters’ skin even more.

  • joeCanuck

    Seems to me that a lot of people in the Republic lie to pollsters (like myself).
    It’s the only sensible thing to do: scares the party you support so that they try even harder and lulls your political oppenents into a false sense of security.

  • sean

    McDowell was able to do what many Irish politicians wanted to do but failed… He was able to get under the skin of the Shinners. They hate him. His failure is not so much a personal failure but a symptomatic ref;ection of a larger problem that all the smaller pasrties seem to have faced during this election.

  • It’s clear that the momentum of southern politics is moving back towards the big two. I can see FG building on what can only be described as a Lazerus-like resurrection since 2002 to challenge FF post-Bertie at the next GE.

    Taking away the personality factor of the current Taoiseach and the likelihood of a downturn in the economy, a strong Fine Gael could look to capture control of Leinster House next time round (albeit as part of a coalition). I can’t see the other parties, with the exception of Labour if it regroups and refocuses, making any major gains in the next few years, and most likely they will fail to play any major role save as a coalition partner akin to that played by the PDs in the outgoing Dáil.

    FG may not continue the accord with Labour in the meantime, but expect them to poach some Labour-like stances with a view to building an image as the ‘caring’ alternative to FF prior to the next election.

  • Valenciano

    ElMat, I’d hardly call FGs revival “Lazerus-like” (sic). They bottomed out then and could hardly have done any worse.

    As for McD, I don’t know where people get the liberal tag from as I always saw him as more of a neo-con particularly due to his lamentable attempts to capitalise on anti-immigrant feeling.

    Good riddance.

  • not at all Sean… the republicans hated him sure, but don’t forget everyone hated him. The Lefties because he was such a Thatcherite, the Blueshirts as he stole their clothes (and then some) and the FF’ers because the emergence of the PDs prevented them from winning an overall majority (back in the OMalley days).

    In some ways the Shinners should have welcomed McDowell as his obnoxiousness deflected the public’s distain from SF policies that they didn’t like. For example, Gerry didn’t do such a good job on the ‘four party leaders debate’ but this wasn’t the highlight of the night… McD’s being obnoxious was as much of the following days conversations.

    His failure IS very personal as no one voted for his issues in this election as opposed to 5 years ago… the people fired him because he’s a horrible person. They’ll now have Enda wearing some of the PDs old clothes.

    El Mat, the next election isn’t for a long time to come… anything can happen. I think your post is wishful thinking for a centrist political make up to the Dail. If Labour replace Rabbitte with a more personable leader then any downturn in the economy should herald a shift to the left and Labour gains at the expense of FF & FG, Shinner gains at the expense of Labour and FF and ditto for the Greens.

    The next election will be a decrease in seats for FF simply because the public will be bored with the same ol’, same ol’ faces for almost 15 years.

  • Val-

    Given that FG had practically died on their feet in 2002, they haven’t exactly done badly rising 20 seats, particularly in the face of an FF which has maintained its popularity.


    My wishful thinking doesn’t come into it- I never said what I wanted to happen, I merely made an observation.

  • merrie

    McDowell gone- the best news of the evening.

  • Garibaldy

    Ha ha. Let’s hope the PDs go with him in the near future. FF now only has to wait for the Provos to return to the fold and all their stray children will be back or defeated.

  • Wilde Rover

    Is this the place for an obit?

    Michael McDowell

    Part ideological martyr, part bollix.

    The Dail will be a duller and more inane place in his absence.

    Liz O’Donnell

    An invaluable servant of the people of the island.

  • PeaceandJustice

    It’s clear that the SF-IRA terrorist supporters don’t like Michael McDowell – he reminds them too much about their love of murder and their joy at destroying lives … all for ‘Ireland’ of course!!

    From a Unionist perspective, he should be thanked for standing up to the SF-IRA fascists and reminding the voters in Eire about SF-IRA use of drug money from FARC etc in order to corrupt democracy.

    Mr McDowell: “Why did you get 25 million from Farc guerillas to spend on Irish politics when you knew they were deriving that from selling cocaine to America?”
    Thanks Michael McDowell for helping to expose an organisation guilty of murder, torture, bank robberies, bombings etc – Sinn Fein-IRA.

  • darth rumsfeld

    poor old supersoupy, trying hard to portray this as the Shinners’ Portillo moment, when really they’ve crashed and burned and this is all they have to crow about. It’s as convincing as a Man City fan laughing cos Man Ure lost the Cup Final (sorry Mick)

    Ugh- the sluglike Martin Mansergh will now be wheeled out as the southern token Prod- yeah I know about Sargent the aging hippy with his guitar, and the stolid, solid Seymour Crawford who is much more typical and has no public profile to speak of, but it will be Haughey’s amanuensis who will constantly be lecturing us

  • CJ

    McDowell’s legacy, as his son said to me today, is that he took Sinn Fein down with him. “Left-wing government- NO thanks” turned out to be a prediction, if not an effective electoral ploy. The PDs have effected a rightward shift in economic thinking such that not one party could safely propose raising taxes to improve public services. In the next Dail, only about 30-35 TD’s will be at all left-wing.

    The electorate liked the message but not the messenger. FF, who run the economy according to PD principles, benefited as did FG, who are the closest to the PDs ideologically.

    WOuldn’t agree with his policies myself, but at least he was up-front about what he stood for, unlike FF/FG.

  • sean


    I take your point regarding McDowell’s failure. It was of course a massive personal failure as, quite simply, people didn’t vote for him. I do think however that given the broader picture of the smaller parties doing badly in this election, his failure is more in keeping with a trend against voting for any of the smaller parties. In short, voters in the South have never had it so good! I think it is wrong of SF to try and make McDowell’s “personal” failure to be any worse than it’s own abysmal result. The southern electorate has rejected the smaller parties, almost en masse, and it is far fetched to believe that it is simply a matter of “brushing yourself down”, learning from your mistakes and coming back stronger than ever in five years. These are very worrying results for the smaller parties, giving rise to problems that, ideologically speaking, will take longer than five years to fix.

  • George

    Don’t agree with a lot of what McDowell said or did but politicians from all parties bar SF who were at the count were on RTE this morning recollecting with total disgust the abuse he and his wife and children took from SF supporters while at the count saying that scenes like this have no place in Irish democracy.

    If SF had any sense they would get one of their people on the airwaves pronto apologising for what happened.

  • lib2016

    Parlon was on RTE this morning (Finucane programme) claiming that he had heard both FF and FG supporters cheering when the news of McDowell’s resignation was announced.

    Ordinary people aren’t stupid and they know that McDowell was indulging in the ‘big lie’ technique when he went on the attack about narco-terrorists. Professional politicans may have identified with McDowell but the voters showed what they thought of people who they thought had patronised them.

    Sinn Fein need joined up policies and will get them but the PD’s are now merely a convenient scapegoat for FF. Mary looks like she’ll be back to finish privatising the health service. That should finish them off for good.

  • Southern Observer

    Michael McDowell is a man of courage and integrity and will be sorely missed.

  • not guilty


    “If SF had any sense they would get one of their people on the airwaves pronto apologising for what happened”

    Give a dog a bad name!

    “He ignored the [b]Labour supporters barracking him with joyous chants of “Cheerio! Cheerio! Cheerio!”[/b] as he turned to leave, almost overcome by the body blow delivered by his own electorate.”


  • Jim Kemmy

    Hugo McNeill, Eoin’s brother, was the Free State officer in charge of the execution of Liam Mellowes, McKelvey, O’Connor and Barrett. He finished Mellowes off with two slugs, one to head and the other to the hearet. During the Emergency, he was the head of Free State troops on the border, one of the top posts.
    How come the family of McNeill, the gresat traitor, have been allowed to prosper so much?

    I take it Hugo McNeill, the ex rugby dide, is named after Mellowes’ killer. McDowell is just truev to family form