“Here’s where things get interesting.”

Over at CommentisFree Fintan O’Toole [no relation – Ed] looks at the likely contenders for a coalition government should Fianna Fáil not achieve the necessary 84 seats.. a possibility he doesn’t entirely rule out.

Nevertheless, the easiest option for Fianna Fáil may be an alliance with the Greens. As a smaller party than Labour, the Greens would get fewer cabinet seats. And their agenda, though radical in its own way, might be narrow enough to be contained within one area of government, leaving Fianna Fáil free to dominate the next five years. The one stumbling block might be the fact that the Greens were the party most critical of Bertie Ahern’s personal ethics over the course of the campaign. But given the evidence that the electorate doesn’t give a damn about ethics so long as the money keeps rolling around the economy, that’s not likely to be too high a hurdle.