Minority’s in the majority?

There’s already a minority administration in Scotland and, despite earlier reports to the contrary, a similar arrangement is a distinct possibility in Wales [pending a last minute volte-face by the Lib-Dems – Ed]. ‘Here’ that’s not currently an option.. but is it likely ‘there’?

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  • Dewi

    “Cymru” I prefer…………or “Wales and Monmouthshire” !!!! Only kidding call it what u want !!! – A very bizarre few days and it ain’t over yet…………

  • dodrade

    We may see a system develop in Scotland and Wales similar to Canada, which often has minority governments, (as at present) but never coalitions.

  • Dewi

    Spontaneous stuff don’t come naturally to me but:
    If “Here” is NI, 6 counties or part of Ulster and “There” is the republic, down South or Mexico, if u ever refer to Wales can you say “by there” or “over by there” cos that’s how we do talk mun boyo !