How Enda grabbed election column space…

Fair play to the Irish Times, they must have been inspired by Simon’s Paper Round project. But they have comprehensive graphs for media coverage on a range of factors. It looks like the ‘Enda’ campaign got Fine Gael the lion’s share of the coverage. But will his gentlemanly demeanour, get him the votes. Or will the Ali-on-the-ropes till a fighting last round routine keep in the bag for Bertie? H/T (once again) to Soupy!


  • SuperSoupy

    One thing is for sure any improvement by SF (or the PDs) will be seats taken very much against the head. I’d suggest this may have something to do with the Indo adopting a policy of ignoring rather than attacking the party for a while.

  • Giving the leader of the opposition a smooth ride is forgivable as the incumbents will always have the lion’s share of media coverage.

    With it’s nemesis, the Sunday Indo sucking up to Bertie, the Irish Times will have had no difficulty in giving the nod to Enda – and he badly needed a media champion. Of course, the Lady of d’Olier street will be naturally tepid to Fianna Fail. Remember the phone-tapping scandal all those years ago?

    This time round, things will have soured considerably in light of the whole saga surrounding the Mahon Tribunal leaks.

    The Irish Times usually tries to do the honorable thing and has a penchant for the moral high ground even when the O’Reilly masses allow themselves to get turned on by the whiff of cordite.

    Our current Taoiseach (and former accountant) has, on his own admission, been involved in some highly convoluted transactions during his time as Minister for Finance. While shifting large sums around bank accounts and carrying 30K+ of cash in a briefcase is not strictly against the law, the ramifications are pretty obvious.

    We have recently emerged from a period of rampant corruption and cronyism as personified by the Taoiseach’s former friends and mentors, C.J. Haughey and Ray Burke. But have things really changed?

    Less than one year ago, one of the Bailey brothers was welcomed with open arms into the Fianna Fail tent at the Galway races. Any other party would have shunned public fraternising with somebody who had been so shamed by the tribunals. You can almost imagine everyone inside the tent having a great laugh at the public’s expense.

    The Irish Times did not need much persuasion to give the nod to Enda. The guy deserves a chance and, if the Greens enter government, the first item on the agenda will be a ban on corporate donations to political parties.

    We live in hope.

  • Mick Fealty

    Vincent, this is not IT coverage. The first graph shows all media (Irish, UK etc), and the second Irish only.

  • Sorry Mick,

    The dangers of speed-reading – glad I’m not a politician. There are, of course, more subtle (and influential) media coverage mechanisms at play that cannot be derived from pure stats.

  • Brian Boru

    Enda blew the debate and his chances.

  • I agree that Enda lost the debate and he may well have blown his chances. I do recall however that “anorak-man” got trounced by John Bruton in an RTE debate many years ago. That didn’t stop him getting re-elected and morphing into an international statesman of considerable stature.

    We live in hope!