SF Single Equality Bill motion defeated

A SF motion calling for the swift introduction of the Single Equality Bill was defeated today by 45 votes to 42. The development of this bill is the responsibility of OFM/DFM. Meanwhile, the Equality Commission uped the ante by demanding affirmative action be included in any future legislation.

  • SuperSoupy

    As noted earlier there was no attempt by Unionists to amend the motion. After the debate Unionism voted as a bloc to prevent it with not even the slightest effort to reach a compromise. This comes after they voted as a bloc to prevent dedicated work to examine the underrepresentation of women.

    Not a good start and slightly more symbolic/worrying than the mere words that have received so much attention.

  • Tampico


    Before attacking Unionism, you would be best to get your facts right.

    A DUP amendment was submitted but wasn’t accepted. Had you been listening to the debate, you would have heard Maurice Morrow refer to the DUP amendment.

  • fair_deal


    Have you the text of the amendment?

  • Pounder

    When have simple things like facts got in the way of a republicans persecution complex?

  • SuperSoupy

    What do you mean wasn’t accepted?

    They either submitted an amendment or didn’t. It’s not on the list.

  • Shore Road Resident

    A great result for unionism, Northern Ireland and all who are tired of the dumb soft-left consensus. Time for Bob Collins to píss off back to Dublin and get a real job.

  • interested

    Amendments are tabled – they aren’t all accepted.

    No doubt Hansard will shed a little more light on the actual stance taken when its published tomorrow.

  • redhaze

    SF project isn’t going too smoothly up in the big house.

    Gender motion slammed. Single equality Bill slammed. Conor Murphy and the rest of the executive accused of misleading the public over water charges. Mitchel McLaughlin refusing to push for a vote over Unionist demands to rejoin Commonwealth Parliamentary body for fear of dividing the house (more like for fear of losing another vote and having to explain to supporters how the project leading to a United Ireland by 2016 is strengthening the union with Britain and they are powerless to stop it). Where will it all end?

  • It’s a disgrace that it was blocked outright by the Unionists which will put the caste of unionism itself in a negative shade. They should have backed it, I mean for goodness sake it was only calling for something that is going on already in the backgroud and being framed by OFMDFM civil servants.

    On the flip side, as to integrity of equality advancement, Martina Anderson priming the motion was always going to provoke contempt, while she has a mandate, she’s also got a criminal record which causes a conflict of interest as many people must be wondering where the equal right to life was when see was in England helping to cause explosions.

    She must be cognisant of this but if she is then so must the Unionists and they should have discarded the mover of the motion and backed a pragmatic yet imperative call, as equality legislation is like a confusing jigsaw puzzle, with the pieces everywhere but together in a complete picture.

    The motion offered a chance to advance clear equality protection measures via one legislative bill and the Unionists put forward irrelevant arguments in opposition to seeing that happen.

  • Aaron McDaid

    Unionists list off instances of discrimination, like the PSNI recruitment, then block the very Bill that might fix those problems!

    The UUP MLA said it was a disgrace that this is being treated like a political football … then says they’ll vote against it just because SF want it! So it’s only a disgrace if the other team have the ball, is it?

    This is an opportunity for all MLAs to identify what the problems are (if any), find out the causes, and solve all this once and for all.

  • The bill “encourages the Executive to bring forward harmonising legislation, in a Single Equality Bill”. Wait so the Assembly couldn’t even vote in this bill, which is really just a formal resolution to draft some sort of legislation for that purpose. Where can we see the result of the votes, it would be interesting to see the DUPs role in that 45:42 split, I thought they were supposed to be right on the constitutional issues but left on social issues (although their manifesto wasn’t that much more social-democratic than the UUP which is supposed to be conservative.

  • IJP

    DC‘s first line is correct.

    I don’t agree with SF’s version of what an Equality Bill should contain.

    But I agree with the text of the motion as it stands.

    Unionists should be seeking to shape the Bill, not oppose one at all.

  • SRR rather gives the unionist game away. No doubt unionists opposed sliced bread. Unionism is about inequality so an Equality Bill is the last thing they want. Equality of culture etc.

    The only time they’re interested in equality is when they think they can get something on the back of the efforts of others – for instance unionist spokespeople looking for parity of funding for ulster scots with the Irish language when there’s no evidence that people are working at a fraction of the level on the ground for Ulster Scots as they are for Irish.

  • Pounder

    Looing from a distance it’s apparent that many republicans don’t want equality either. They want a pint of blood and square meter of skin from every unionist who ever lived. A slave begins by demanding justice then ends up wanting to wear a crown.

  • darth rumsfeld

    why ignore the elephant in the room here?

    Unionists are being presented with a Bill which is clearly intended to put them on the back foot.

    They’re hardly going to take kindly to a lecture from the oleaginous Anderson ( who so often bleats “My da was a Prod hi” she ought to change her name to that). You ‘d almost welcome the wit and wisdom of the malevolent leprechaun that is Barry McElduff rather than her sanctimonious warbling.

    But the understandable antipathy to the person should not allow them to fall into letting the Shinners portray Unionists as anti-equality. The truth is the Shinners have a strategy to collar all the “nice” issues, and as usual the dumb Prods sit back and react. Why haven’t the DUP plannedsuch media massaging strategies? There are brains up on the Hill- they’ve nearly managed to pass Plug off as a culture vulture after all.

    They might even have the wit to create a department for nationalist outreach, and give the shamefully overlooked Jim Wells or Peter Weir the gig. Papa might regard that as suitable punishment for Jim, but in actual fact Anderson is making small inroads in the treehugging Prod sector- where gullibility transcends judgment- and there’s no reason to doubt a similar large coterie of fools in the other community who can be similarly duped/DUPed.

    Otherwise we have the tired old record of Unionists metaphorically shooting the messenger, while contending they support the message. Either you’re in government with this lot or you’re not. Obviously I’d rather they weren’t, but if you have to be a Vichyite at least be a skilful one.

  • jaun

    ” That this Assembly calls on the Government to introduce legislation in Northern Ireland to make it an offence punishable by imprisonment for a period not exceeding 9 months, or by a fine not exceeding level 5 on the standard scale, or both, for all persons assaulting emergency workers engaged in the pursuit of their duty ”

    What a classic. Does the fact that one of the proposals is against an activity the republican movement are largely responsible for organizing render Unionist Cynicism any more palitable ?