Sinn Fein: beagnach ann?

Here’s another cut out and keep moment. Gerry Adams is a cool performer, and is clearly looking a ‘seat’ in the Republic’s government. A seat in the Seanad? It would probably diminish him to be lower in protocol than his TDs. Not good for the brand. But then again, 2011 is not that far away.

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  • It’s smooth I’ll give them that. It’s a bit scary how the leprechaun music in the background makes it seem so innocent and idealistic.

  • MoveToTheLeft

    Not for work or those who don’t like rude words.

    Election rap – Bertie Ahern he’s a dirty c*nt

  • Gum

    Talk about polished… Does anyone know how much these ads cost the parties? I think it’d be really interesting to see the costs of different political broadcasts.

  • Wilde Rover

    I’m not quite sure about one thing in relation to this Gerry for President thing.

    Article 12.4.2 Bunreacht na hEireann.

    “Every candidate for election, not a former or retiring President, must be nominated either by: not less than twenty persons, each of whom is at the time a member of one of the Houses of the Oireachtas, or by the Councils of not less than four administrative Counties (including County Boroughs) as defined by law.”

    Even if SF does well and gets thirteen seats in the Dail, are they hoping to pick up seven in the Seanad? If not, where are the other nominations coming from? Independents?

    Article 12.6.3 Bunreacht na hEireann

    “The President shall not hold any other office or position of emolument.”

    So that means there would be a new top dog in West Belfast. Who might that be?

  • Ginfizz


    Your post assumes that even if he passed the threshold, he would be elected. John Hume maybe but Gerry Adams? Never in a million years!

  • Aaron McDaid

    Part of an SF-FF coalition deal might be that FF nominate Adams for President.

  • Ginfizz


    Aye right!

  • Ginfizz

    Sorry, I should expand on that, FF lost a presidential poll narrowly with Brian Lenihan, with Adams they would get utterly stuffed. In those circumstances I would imagine the other parties would get an agreed candidate to stop the bearded brother of Beelzebub getting into the Aras.

  • parcifal

    GA does seem connected and laid back

  • Oilibhear Chromaill


    You forget that Senator Adams would play well in the US, where SF gathers a lot of money.

    Ginfizz’s assessment of the electoral chances of Gerry Adams in the Presidential Election, should he stand, is a bit paranoid. Bearded brother of Beelzebub? Really. Please, don’t over egg the pudding.

    Your imaginings about what the other parties would do are immaterial. SF, if it wants to, has enough councillor/TD support, to nominate Adams should it need and so Adams can’t be stopped from standing.
    And then if you want to read the polls, in today’s IT poll, he’s still rated the highest of all the leaders, that’s after he LOST the smaller parties’ leaders’ debate on Wednesday.

  • parcifal

    I got 25/1 on GA for Pres 2012, it was worth a punt, sorry a Euro or two.

  • Wilde Rover


    Yes. It does read that way, now that you mention it, unintentionally. I was trying to remain within the realms of the hypothetical.

  • Aaron McDaid

    Lenihan would have won that election if it wasn’t for that scandal over the phone calls to the President’s office years earlier. Otherwise he’d have won without any difficulty. In fact, he still was top at the first count.

    And that was the only time an FF candidate failed to win an election for the Presidency. So Adams would be a cert if FF nominated him. Who’s to say Adams couldn’t beat an FF candidate in future?

  • Wilde Rover

    “SF, if it wants to, has enough councillor/TD support, to nominate Adams should it need and so Adams can’t be stopped from standing.”

    Support? As in outside SF? Who?

  • Aaron,

    I agree. Ginfizz’s opinions are his/her’s business, but the facts are that Adams has consitently had the highest popularity ratings out of all the party leaders over the past number of years (Todays Irish Independent Poll supports this). The Presidential Election is essentially a popularity contest. Adams would stand more than a fighting chance…

  • Ginfizz

    Hmmmm.. what a shock Sinn Fein supporters saying Adams would win the Presidency.

  • Ginnfizz,

    Actually I did not say that, so perhaps you should actually read my comments next time…

    I did not say that he would “win the presidency”. I actually said that he would stand a fighting chance. (An opinion based on factual evidence). Whereas your less tha detailed response to AMCD consisted of the words “Aye Right”.

    Its always better to have at least a tad of evidence to support one’s conclusions…

  • Mick Fealty

    Fair point OC on the senatorship. Though aren’t the rules on foreign donations not due to be reviewed before then?

    Presidential elections are not easy to call four years in advance. Popularity of a party leader is one thing, but party loyalty is a more reliable factor. Calling the Presidency this far out may be a bit like trying to put a roof on the building just after the footings have been dug, but… at this stage (short of a minority government and a rerun general election) it looks like whoever gains the office will need the support of the major government party.

    On the latest polls that would mean FF (one way or the other) are the ones most likely to hold the keys to a Sinn Fein Aras.


    Did you you not read gf’s apology and expansion? Civility boys and girls, civility!!

  • Gerry Kelly

    The Bloody Friday bomber doesn’t even pay tax in the South so why doesn’t he f-k off to Westminster and do the job he was elected to. As regards the environment, does that include the abandoned oil slurri lorires in Co Louth?

  • kensei

    “The Bloody Friday bomber doesn’t even pay tax in the South so why doesn’t he f-k off to Westminster and do the job he was elected to. ”

    He was elected on an Absentionist platform. To go to “fuck off to Westminister” would actually be a betrayal of his mandate.

    Glad I could clear that one up for you.

  • Interesting thing is that the government gets a few nominations to the senate. Could nominate Adams as a senator. And technically a senator can become a member of the cabinet….

    Just putting that out there.

  • Mick,

    Apologies for missing her earlier rectification, however I was specifically addressing her interpretation of my comment about Adams Presidential prospects which had only just been posted by her (it was post 16 on this thread and my reply to her was post 17).

  • Aaron McDaid

    Is there anything stopping Caitríona Ruane being made a Senator and Minister for Education in the South? I suppose it’s unlikely, but it’d be interesting if there was the same Education minister North and South.

  • Well it has never been done so highly unlikly just legally possible.

    But I think there is a law against duel mandate which means you can’t be a councillor and a TD. Not sure if it goes for senators and MP/MLA’s but probably does.

  • Sean

    Yea, I have rights so I’ll not be voting Sinn Fein.

    What are Sinn Fein at with their uncosted policies and publicity campaigns stereotyping what it once used to be like to be rural Irish.

    The seem to be doing the same job the tourist board is doing in marketing Ireland as a global concept with all the little jiggery-pokery Irish music and little traits over cultural-socialism, so I suppose I can see where they are coming from.

  • Ginfizz


    If you had bothered to read the post underneath, I expanded on my “aye right” comment. Lets face it, the idea that Fianna Fail would nominate Gerry Adams as their candidate for President of the Irish Republic is quite frankly absurd. Mary McAleese – fairly uncontroversial academic with a bit of a green tinge, Brian Lenihan – genuinely popular character, despite his personal failings, Gerry Adams – the man who ordered the bombing of the La Mon House Hotel, whoc acted as a mouth pieces for the IRA for years and who has called for the killers of Garda McCabe to be released – wise up.

    If Ahern (or anyone else) tried to get GA the nomination it would split Fianna Fail right down the middle and even if it didn’t I would like to think that the Southern electorate would have the decency to send Adams packing. Leadership rating polls don’t prove jack – after Thursday Sinn Fein will still have less than one in eight people in the Republic backing them. Consider that before engaging in flights of fancy such as GA for the Aras or Caitriona Ruane for Education Minister in the South.

  • Ginfizz,

    I never ever mentioned Catriona Ruane becoming Education Minister in The South so once again you have got it wrong…!

    Today’s Irish Independent lead story is quite explicit in stating that Opposition Parties believe that Fianna Fail is prepared to strike a deal with anyone, including Sinn Fein, to stay in power.

    You seem a little bit naive about just how far political expediency can be stretched when the prospect of power is on the table…

    After all, Ian Paisley would “never,ever” share power with Sinn Fein would he…?

    PS : I hear that he’s enjoying his regular morning coffee breaks with the Deputy First Minister…

  • Ginfizz


    Yeah whatever, Paisley might have cups of coffee with McGuinness, I don’t know. But the difference is that the DUP had no choice but to form a govt that included SF, whereas you are asking us to believe that Ahern is such a ruthless and amoral person that he is prepared to see Adams installed as head of state simply to remain PM. I know Ahern is a ruthless person, but I doubt even he would go that far.

    As for Ruane, I did not get it wrong – an SF supporter on this site flagged up the possibility of her become a memnber of the irsh Senate (not going to happen) and the Education minister down South (certainly not going to happen). My point is simple – after Thursday, in excess of 90% of the seats in the Dail will be held by parties other than SF – bear that in mind before talking a load of dung about Adams ending up as President.

  • Aaron McDaid

    I wasn’t seriously suggesting that Ruane would be made Southern Education minister. I just like wondering about the technicalities of these things. If SF do get Education in the South, it’ll be one of the TDs elected on Thursday.

    You really shouldn’t take my legalistic daydreamings on the constitution to be official SF policy!

  • The ogra video for 26 county election rocks – much better than the Sinn fein one and no other youth wing made a video.

    You can access it via the link!