The second Irish Election ‘bookies Poll’

If you want to keep up with the election in the Republic, is doing a good job of crunching numbers and punting out an mix of sound analysis and blog round ups. Adam Maguire has just produced an analysis of the betting at Paddy Power, and how the election would work out, if the real numbers stack up the same way.


  • sammaguire

    Love the way Paddy Power has FG in blue!!
    My own guess is that FF will approach Labour during the horse trading and Labour will demand Bertie’s head (you’d swear Pat Rabbitte was dealing with Mugabe!) which will not be delivered. FF will then be “forced” by Labour to negotiate with SF and a deal will be done (FF/SF/Independents). We’ll hear talk of how SF has changed; even Paisley can share power with them etc. Adams may well be the next Tanaiste (precedent Jim Dooge, Minister for Foreign Affairs without being directly elected by the people). Won’t hear a good word about SF from FF in the meantime (primarily because it is SF that is eating into FF’s vote rather than any other party).

  • Iano

    Else Labour will demand that the culchies of Rabbbitte and Lady Wickla be reemoved so that a nice midle-class Ruairi Quinn can lead them back into the Mercedes that they feel they deserve after suffering the (lack of) ledership of two culchies.

    UGH! How very non-middle class they were!

  • qubol

    I can’t see these PaddyPower predictions being too accurate. At the minute they are way over estimating FF support – perhaps the main problem is that by the time people change their minds, place a bet and then odds are adjusted the situation has moved on. Interesting none-the-less

    sorry to go off topic Mick but did you have a problem with your Image code authentication device to block SPAM in posts?