“Blog sites are the air guitars of the internet”…

Just could not resist this one… David Bullard reckons there is just not enough quality in the blogosphere… H/T Copernicus.He’s clearly had enough:

Unlike the world of newsprint, there are no rules out there in the blogosphere and that makes it a very confusing place for the consumer. I have no objection to reading my Sunday Times on the Internet because I know the content has been through the same process as the print edition. I do, however, object to some anonymous, scrofulous nerd pumping meaningless drivel into cyberspace at all hours of the day and night simply because he can’t find a girl to sleep with him. These are the sort of w ackos who gun down their fellow students at university. I visited a site the other day that was so hideously racist that it would have qualified its publisher for a long spell in prison if it had appeared in print. So what’s the difference? How come newspapers and magazines have to carry the names of their editors and publishers and watch their content and websites don’t? I’m told that it’s possible to track down the author of any offensive website and perhaps that’s what the government should be doing instead of looking at legislation to gag legitimate publications. Better still, maybe it’s time the print journalists named and shamed some of the more offensive anonymous bloggers and published their physical addresses. Then I can start a blog site called printrevenge.com and bore you all with the details.

  • topdeckomnibus

    I spoke to a man but did not know, until he replied, that he existed.

    The good ship sound and fury put to sea
    Until she reached the ocean
    Turned on her echo sounder
    Upsetting all the little fish, big fish
    And marine mammals too
    But did the good ship find
    A mine of information.

  • If I find something offensive I tend not to read it.

  • Henry94

    I’m sure air-guitarists everywhere will be offended by the comparison.

    Nobody ever had to suggest a code of conduct for us.

  • I am indeed offended and outraged by this scurrilous comparison! Air guitar is an artistic form….oh and Mr Bullard should actually read some of the crap that passes for journalism these days…and of course there’s no space in a newspaper to comment on said piece of crap that claims to be writing…ah but as a former journalist I also used to sniff at the unwashed and believe it was their privilege to read the wisdom what I wrote…then I rediscovered air guitar, grew my hair again and started blogging \m/

  • Niall

    “air guitars of the internet”

    Catchy phrase. I would have said they’re the bar stools of the internet.