Presbyterians and homophobia…

It’s notable that Sylvia Hermon’s contribution to the debate on Peter Hain’s statement in the Commons was to ask him for assurances that legislation guaranteeing equality for gays and lesbians would not be affected by the First Minister’s strong beliefs on the matter. She cited his moderatorship of the Free Presbyterian Church as the reason for her concern. But Will Crawley breaks a Presbyterian report on Homophobia and wonders if the church’s defensive definition of ‘homophobia’ is not a betrayal of a modicum of homophobia in itself. In a conservative society like NOrthern Ireland, the question of where to draw a line is clearly highly problematic. And not just for Presbyterians.

  • darth rumsfeld

    “But to read them in a literal fashion like that is madness.”

    I don’t read them in a literal fashion- if I did I would indeed be mad. What do we need to know about the behaviour of virgins at weddings?

    But given that parables were intended to make great truths intelligible to the simple folk, one of which I undoubtedly am, and given that most other simple folks- and a lot of clever ones too-accept my interpretation of the parables, I’ll stick with my view ta v much

  • darth rumsfeld

    on BBC last night I learned that the Down GAA team “literally played out of their skins” in their game against Cavan. Can anyone confirm the veracity of this gruesome event, which muct have greatly upset spectators, and unnerved their opponents?

  • Have looked up your site for the first time and am amazed at how, what was legally considered Buggery, several decades ago is now viewed as normal behaviour! To substitute the God ordained birth channel for that of the orifice of defacation is to the traditional Christian view both obnoxious and offensive to God. It is to substitute love for lust, and can open the way for further kinds of perversion such as sadism and peadophilia.
    For a Christian to be unable to decide who they can accept or reject from their boarding house bedrooms is a denial of a person’s freedom; just as it is when one is forbidden to chose who one is willing to employ or exclude from their employment. Indeed, unless Christians become militant and speak up boldly, then this secularist state will be deciding what we can or cannot do. In other words, we’ll become little more than puppets at the mercy of a regime out to enslave us all. I never thought I’d find the leaders of the Churches – both Protestant and equally Catholic in beloved Ulster – becoming as dumb dogs that cannot bark. Heaven help us all if we can no longer have freedom of expression as well as choice to followour our conscience.

  • PaddyReilly

    Great post, Animal Padre (click on name to see website) but I have one problem. My two tomcats keep trying to sodomise each other. Should I

    1) Have them put down?
    2) Read the commination over them?
    3) Call you round to do an exorcism?

  • Yes, well Paddy that’s a good one, and I must admit it! So I think I had better follow a 4th option: the example of the Good Shepherd Himself who said of much more disturbing events: “Father forgive them because they know not what they do!” Indeed, let there be unconditional forgiveness to all GAYs of every species, but I fight for the human right of choice to keep them outside, by appropriate bolts on our many cat flaps.
    With every good wish!