Watchdogs with reins…

THE Indo takes a quick look at the ‘elaborate checks and balances’ that will operate in the new Assembly. Do readers think we’ll end up with a lot of stalemate thanks to the new rules, or will political trade-offs become the new order of the day? Or, in a perfect world, will old rivals be able to reach something approaching consensus? Some of the ‘symbolic’ issues may prove tricky, but it will certainly be interesting to see how ‘real’ politics evolves in the new dispensation.

  • joeCanuck

    The major, once unthinkable, compromise has already been done.
    I imagine that there will be many more in the future. I don’t see any possibility of “a battle a day”.

  • lorraine

    i agree with joe. from here on in old rivals will find more and more to agree with, and eventhough politics will become more boring with shifts to the centre all round, at least we can argue without fighting.

    does anybody else get the impression the once fundamentalist dour faces of ulster could be taking Es? all that love……..

  • merrie

    This is a bit irrelevant to the topic – but tangental.

    Is the opening tomorrow being broadcast live? I’m not in Belfast but I’d like to hear this historic event as it happens.

    If so, can you let me have the times?

    Don’t have TV, only radio and my AppleMac.



  • Merrie

    Getting back to the topic Belfast Gonzo, I think there will be some stalemates, and some horse-trading with the occasional consensus. And also some vicious verbal wars – which is nevertheless much better than the other sorts of wars.

    Howzat for a compromise!!

  • Belfast Gonzo

    I hope there can be progress quickly on issues like the 11-plus, as it’s something that needs sorting NOW! The fear is stalemate, yet this is something that simply can’t wait.

  • interested

    Nice to see they could throw in a joke or two into the report though!

    “New health minister Michael McGimpsey (58) of the Ulster Unionist Party will have plenty of issues to keep the smile off his face without the intense scrutiny……”