Good day for…

…the police, as new figures reveal increased public confidence in the PSNI and a decrease in crime.

  • Jocky

    Yeah, Go PSNI, credit where it’s due, not an easy job, too many professional critics and begrudgers.

  • Comrade Stalin

    I completely support the PSNI and I am pleased that there is an increase in public confidence in them.

    Now that acceptance of the PSNI seems to be out of the way, the problem is going to be maintaining confidence by providing effective policing. Considering they are better manned and equipped than other forces in the UK or Ireland, I think they should be doing a better job than they are at the moment. For an example of a high profile domestic matter, look at this problem of youths lighting huge fires in parks and nature reserves on mountains and hills around the place; has anyone been arrested ?

    How are the PSNI going to perform when their numbers are cut back to levels similar to elsewhere ?

  • Jocky

    When does the latest set of CRJ statistics get published?

  • SuperSoupy


    Today the Irish News raises other less positive aspects you seemed to have missed:

    MORE than three out of four crimes remain unsolved, police have admitted as clearance rates fall to new lows.

    Despite a fall of 1.7 per cent in overall crime levels police are failing to clear even one quarter of crime, according to their figures.

    However, members of the Policing Board, to whom the annual crime statistics were presented yesterday, said the fall was “well below an acceptable level”.

    The figures also show a disturbing rise in sex and race attacks in the last year – up five per cent.

    A good day you say? I’d hate to see a bad one.

  • I Wonder

    Would it be true to say that Unionist confidence in the PSNI has declined inversely to the number of Catholics within its ranks?