No sixway debate for Republic’s party leaders…

A Rock the Vote blog is okay for public engagement, but not a chancey six way bust up on the tv? It seems the big three aren’t keen to get down and dirty with the wee three. Elsewhere, David at has the party campaign focuses for today.

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  • Although I would support SF, I would entirely understand the logic of Bertie, Enda and Pat Rabitte in not getting involved in this.

    Why would they want to expose themselves to their opponents landing potentially damaging blows in front of a national televised audience. Both Adams and McDowell (in differing ways) are highly proficient media performers and it would be foolish of The Big Three to hand such a platform on a ‘plate’ to their electoral opponents…

  • RTE Conspiratist

    A little tangential but I just have to ask…why do RTE always mention SF last in all election reports? Parties are clearly not arranged alphabetically or by size yet the shinners are always bringing up the rear.
    Are the west brits of Montrose trying to tell me something?