Bertie in the Dragon’s Den


  • jake

    not even remotely funny!

  • Eamonn

    I agree. Im more inclined than ever to vote for FF or the PDs after seeing this. Looks like something Pat Rabitte would put together

  • absolutely brilliant!

  • DC

    Very good well worth a watch, almost as funny as the time the guy Paul Stokes disrupted the Late Late Show’s Pat Kenny.

  • USA

    Maybe I’m missing something but I thought it was pretty stupid. I don’t understand why all the people criticising Bertie had English accents (one Scot). Are they celebtities or political commentators of some kind? It was just stupid. Not funny at all. Actually made Bertie sould good.

  • USA

    Oops, should read
    “Actually made Bertie sound good”

  • God Eamonn I hope FF realises the power of Youtube to sway voters in its favour. You’re actually more inclined to vote FF/PD after seeing the above video? These intertubes are fierce powerful.

  • joeCanuck

    I think you missed the point USA.
    That was a sppech by bertie interspersed with another program.

  • November