Ahern to call election for 24th May…

BertieAfter some toing and froing on Politics.ie, it sounds like Bertie Ahern is going to call a general election for 24th May later today. We await official confirmation, that Bertie is going to Mary McAleese to ask her to dissolve the 29th Dail. Now might be a good time to remind people that the Irish Elections Flickr Group is still open for photos of the southern elections too…


  • Marie Antoinette

    Wexford should be interesting.Will Yola be an election issue? If Gaelic and Scots are being introduced, why not Yola?

  • Wilde Rover

    The delay may be to ensure maximum impact for the Westminister speech.

    Doubtless, Bertie the Statesman, on a break from being Bertie the Candidate, will tell everyone how FF was instrumental in the transformation of SF into a party of government.

    That gives the party faithful at least a week to adsorb the message and contemplate the shortest route to keeping power (if polls are anything to go by).

    As for SF, the lure of cross-jurisdictional power may be too much to resist.

  • SuperSoupy

    Election called in Northern Ireland

    Published: April 29, 2007 at 8:24 AM
    BELFAST, Northern Ireland, April 29 (UPI) —

    The president of Northern Ireland, Mary McAleese dissolved parliament Sunday as Prime Minister Bertie Ahern announced an election next month.
    The move came after Ahern met with British Prime Minister Tony Blair in London, Sky News reported.

    However, in a joint statement issued in London, Ahern and Blair said the proposed May 24 vote could be called off if a power-sharing agreement wasn’t reached by Ahern’s Fianna Fail party and the right of center Progressive Democrats in the 166-seat parliament known as the Dail.

    “If at any point it became clear that parties were unwilling to fulfill their commitments … and support for policing, it would be unreasonable to expect the people of Northern Ireland to continue with an election to an assembly which would not exist,” the statement said.

    Ahern is seeking a third term in office, and a report said the race is expected to be close.


  • Iano

    Silly Washington Times, the Republic does not have a Prime Minister!

  • SuperSoupy


    Good spot. There’s something else wrong with the article but I just can’t put my finger on it.

  • Iano

    One of Lady Diana’s stafff once wrote a lettter to someone in The Republic of Northern Ireland.

    Declining education standards are NOT something new!

  • SuperSoupy


    It has been changed now.

  • Iano

    They meant President of northern Ireland obviously.